By Sherry Derr-Wille

Dave Lowrey needs a miracle so that his son can walk again. When he finds it at a San Francisco hospital, he realizes he must contend with a woman he dated in college and dumped, to get it. All come to fruition when he accepts a job at the hospital. Being on staff will give him an in for getting Colin on the list for the surgery, even if he has to take Ellyn Morrison to bed to do it.

Ellyn Morrison only allowed one man to get close to her and when Dave Lowrey transfers to a top position at her hospital, she's not certain how to handle the situation. Things only get worse when he becomes her doctor. It isn't until she learns that his son is a paraplegic that she softens.
Can the lover and needs of a child bring the two of them together? Colin certainly hopes so.

Contemporary Romance

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of RX Love by Sherry Derr-Wille
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Chapter 1

Dave Lowry scanned the latest issue of Medical News. As he had for the past two years, he looked for a miracle. Of course, he didn’t hold out much hope. After this long, he’d become discouraged. Was it too much to ask if someone somewhere could help his son?

His son. The words echoed and reechoed in his mind. Colin was no more his son than the kid next door. His true son, Ethan, had died along with his wife, Nadine. The car burst into flames just after Colin was thrown to safety. The crash had occurred three years ago when a drunk driver crossed the median of I90 just outside of Wisconsin Dells and struck the car, carrying his family, in a head on collision.

Whenever he remembered the accident, he couldn’t help recalling how he rushed to Children’s Hospital at the University of Wisconsin in Madison to give blood for his son. Instead of pumping his own blood into the boy, the doctor told him his blood type didn’t match Colin’s. The DNA test he later requested proved he wasn’t Colin’s biological father. The realization explained so much of Nadine’s behavior, why so many of their arguments were about the kids. She’d always accused him of treating Colin differently than Ethan. Now he knew why.

After learning the truth, Dave tried to hate Colin. Instead, he found he loved the boy even more. If the realization that Colin wasn’t his biologically did nothing else, it drove home the point that it takes more than a night in bed to make a man into a father.

The headline on page fifteen of the paper jumped off the page at him, causing Dave to put aside his mental ramblings.

San Francisco Team Perfects Procedure To Repair Juvenile Spinal Cord Damage

As quickly as possible he read through the article until the name of one of the team members stopped him in his tracks. Dr. Ellyn Morrison, Great Ball Buster Morrison, the name brought back painful memories of the girl he’d known ever since grade school. He’d dated her on a dare in high school when the guys thought it would be great if he could get her to give them her notes for biology class. It had been a real disaster since not only wouldn’t she put out but she didn’t give him her notes either. In college someone set him up on a blind date with her. At the time he was flattered, since she was the prettiest girl in the class. Of course she was still the ice princess. By medical school, it was Ellyn who asked him out on a date. He thought she might have softened, but she still didn’t want anything to do with him sexually. He’d called her a mean spirited bitch who wanted nothing more than to tease a man and leave him wanting.

At the time she had cried and he’d wanted to comfort her, but he knew if he did that she’d tell him to go screw himself in the left ear when all he really wanted was to screw her. As much as he wanted to get closer to her, she kept distance between them with her, ‘I have to be better than the guys’ attitude along with her crazy ideas of no sex before marriage.

Dave put aside his ruminations. He’d contact her and pretend he didn’t know her. Hell, he’d grown past the point of wanting to take her to bed he only wanted her to help his son.

After dog earring the page, he thumbed through the rest of the paper. In the classified section, an ad caught his eye.


 St. Clare’s Hospital, San Francisco, has an opening for the position of Head of Emergency Medicine.

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