D.O.L.L.S. Grace MobiPocket

By Shari Dare

We're Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialists (D-O-L-L-S) and don’t think because we have snow on our roofs that means the fire went out in our furnaces. We do want to get to know you better and have a good time.

Grace Patterson wanted to make fireworks happen for the Fourth of July. When Larry Richards answered her ad for a younger lover, she prayed she’d hit the jackpot.

Larry was sick of the bar scene and women who jumped from partner to partner looking for marriage. Grace promised hot sex, but what he found was more of a kitten than a cougar.

Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of D.O.L.L.S. Grace by Shari Dare
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Author: Shari Dare

Chapter 1

Grace Patterson set the table with her best linen tablecloth, accented it with the china, silverware and crystal goblets she and her husband received as a wedding present forty years earlier. Over the years, once a month she made it a point to get together with her best friends from high school. What once started as going out to dinner once a month with the one girlfriend, who stayed in town, turned into so much more as other friends returned to Minter, Wisconsin. At one point, there were six of them, but last year Margie Hansen passed away, their numbers dwindling to five.

Grace thought of each of her friends in turn. Like all of them Ellen Drake would be celebrating her sixty-third birthday this year. She, like Grace stayed in Minter and married her high school sweetheart. She’d been a widow forever, but one would never know it. She certainly didn’t fit the profile. Even though she gave up dying her hair years ago, her natural white hair didn’t make her look old. On the contrary, with her brown eyes and clear complexion, she looked much younger than the rest of them.

Carol McIntyer moved to New York right after graduation. Three years later she wrote the great American novel. It was on the bestseller list for several weeks. Since then every one of her books enjoyed time on the same list and still continued to be sought after by avid fans. Unlike Ellen, Carol enjoyed her rich auburn hair color. Grace knew she visited the beauty shop every week and touched up the color on a monthly basis. She now taught a course in creative writing at the vocational school in town and worked on the many deadlines imposed by her publishers. Since she never married, there were things the others talked about she couldn’t relate to, but it didn’t matter. They were all friends and married, widowed or single, all their lives friendship always remained their top priority.

If people considered Carol a Bohemian she couldn’t hold a candle to Marie Walton. Her blonde hair and green eyes looked no different now than when they were in high school. After graduation, Marie moved to New York and attended one of the schools designed to groom potential actors and actresses. Marie excelled in dance and went on to dance on Broadway and in several films for Hollywood. After being married three times she made jokes about being on the lookout for number four.

According to Marie, her former husbands’ ranged from aspiring dancer, to a banker who loved her on the big screen, to her last husband, the producer who discovered her. When he passed away five years ago, Marie returned home to retire and be with her friends. Anita James got her nursing degree, back in the day when the hospital still did all the training. After graduation, she served in a MASH unit in Vietnam, where she met and married a sexy doctor. 

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