D.O.L.L.S. Marie MobiPocket

By Shari Dare

We're Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialists (D-O-L-L-S) and don’t think because we have snow on our roofs that means the fire went out in our furnaces. We do want to get to know you better and have a good time.

The most experienced of the D-O-L-L-S, Marie has been through three husbands, a career in Hollywood and more lovers than most of her friends. Since her return to Minter, she hasn’t had time to cultivate a relationship, since her dance studio keeps her too busy.

Nick remembered Marie as the woman he wanted in his bed when she choreographed his first strip show. Now many years later, he’s no longer dancing and tantalizing the women who come to the performances but he’s Em-ceeing the shows. When he finds the woman who has spoiled him for the other lovers he’s taken in his life, he decides not to miss the opportunity of being with Marie, even if it’s only for a few weeks.

Together they work on his dream of teaching married couples the turn on of stripping for one another and teach the techniques to wheelchair bound dancers.

Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of D.O.L.L.S. Marie by Shari Dare
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Author: Shari Dare

Chapter 1

The poster advertising the "Lover Boy" show at one of the local clubs caught Marie Walton’s attention. Seeing the buff bodies of the dancers brought back fond memories. Many years ago, she dated one of the promoters of a male strip show. Being at a lull in her dancing career, she gladly choreographed acts for several of the dancers. Marie took down the poster and brought it over to the table of the coffee shop where she and her friend, Anita James, were meeting for a cup of coffee before Anita left for the Athletic Club and Marie opened her dance studio for the day.

“I can’t believe it,” Anita commented before even tasting her coffee. “I never thought I’d see the day when there would be a strip show in Minter.”

“Why, Anita James, I never thought you were so closed-minded. You have to know there’s a gentleman’s club out on the highway.”

“Oh, that’s different. We both know dirty old men have been ogling female strippers since the dawn of time. They don’t call prostitution 'the world’s oldest profession' for nothing.”

“Prostitution? You have to be kidding. The majority of the girls working out there have been students at either a local college or the university. They’re using the dancing to put themselves through school. It’s the same with the guys. Where else can they work for a few hours each week and make good money, while leaving them time for their studies? Students don’t have a lot of free time for part-time jobs. Dancing gives them a great opportunity to make the extra money needed to help them with their education.”

“Then you’re going?”

“Why not? It might be a good learning experience for some of my adult students.”

Anita looked shocked. “You have adult students? I thought you just taught kids.”

“You do lead a sheltered life, Anita. Dancing is a great form of exercise. Even Eleanor Pakes is taking the course, and she’s eighty-three. It wouldn’t surprise me if she decides to go on this little field trip with me.”

Taking her students to the Lover Boy show was something that just popped into Marie’s head, but Anita’s reaction made the idea of going all the more tantalizing. It would be interesting to see how the dancers’ routines had changed and progressed over the years.

The idea of going to the show was still fermenting in Marie’s mind when her eleven o’clock dance class arrived. They ranged in age from a twenty-seven-year-old petite blond, Regina Edwards, to Eleanor, the octogenarian.

“Before we begin,” Marie said, “I have an announcement to make. I saw a poster this morning and thought we could all use a field trip.” From the folder on her desk, she produced copies of the picture of the flyer she snapped with her camera phone. Luckily the picture turned out better than she expected it to, making it possible for her to blow it up to eight and one-half by eleven for printing copies. With two adult classes, it was entirely possible she’d get a good response.

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