The Last Of Mrs. Workman ePUB

By Tina Klahrthener

Martha, a rich, emotionally vulnerable widow, is intrigued by a man pursuing her—but not for her fortune. He offers her a shadowy, private relationship away from her society friends and all she has known. Martha must decide if his delicious promises are worth abandoning everything.

Genre: Romance, erotica, bondage

Sensuality rating: 5

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


“Hi, Martha. Thanks for having us in your suite. I love baseball,” the young woman chirped as she and her husband came into my company’s suite.

“You’ve been such great customers over the years,” I offered.

“How have you been doing?” she responded with a mock sympathetic face.

“I’m doing pretty well, Betsy.” My sincere widow’s manner was in play.

“If there’s anything we can do…”

“You’re very kind, my dear. Come back for a game later in the season so we can visit more.”

“We’d love that!” she smiled.

I owned a major piece of the company since my husband’s death but my only regular role was playing hostess in our box at the ball park. I loved baseball, too. I was happy when our CEO invited me to help him with customer entertainment. That normally meant taking people out to dinner, but in summer, we just invited them to our suite at the ball park.

“Martha,” a voice called out from the seating area overlooking the field outside the suite.

“Yes, Connie…”

“We got our boys seats down in the loge and they’re wondering if there is a food stand where they can buy ice cream.”

“Let me get you a fan guide.” I left the suite and looked for an usher. “Mike…”

“Yes, Mrs. Workman?”

“Do you have any extra fan guides?”

“I picked up a new one tonight.” He pulled it out of a back pocket of his khakis, smiling as he handed it over. I made a mental note that Mike was more handsome and trim than I remembered.

“Thanks, Mike.” I smiled at him more broadly than usual and I didn’t care that he noticed.

He smiled back just as big as he said, “Martha, the bases are loaded.”

I joined the group of customers and spouses out in the bowl just as our rookie first baseman ripped a line drive into the gap and it took a funny hop off the wall away from the outfielder. At that, the crowd really got noisy. The hitter was flying on the base paths and never hesitated to head for third. As he slid, the throw hit him in the back and he was safe. Everyone was happy. The rest of the game, I settled into small talk as the managers did business. There actually were some fun conversations as the night wore on and the beer flowed among our guests. Our team won, too.

I made sure everyone took some cookies home. I stayed until everyone was gone. The guys from work were happy. Some new projects were going to get quoted tomorrow. They thanked me for my help, and they left, too. The club level catering manager met me as I walked out of the suite.

“Was everything okay, Mrs. Workman?”

“Yes, Rogelio. Perfect.”

“That’s good. I had some new servers working tonight.”

     “They took care of us like veterans.” I paused as I noticed Mike guiding fans to the down escalator. “I need a special favor.”

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