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By Toni V. Sweeney

The AEgys and the Habiru are descended from exiled Egytian and Hebrew Tribes and have set up kingdoms in middle Africa. They are also mortal enemies and have fought for generations, until Aram, brother to the Habiru king, is captured and ultimately released by Princess Senset.

Michael of Habiru is under a curse by God and can only be freed by one with selfless love, and he believes Senset is that person. Senset, herself, has doubts, but she accepts Michael’s offer of marriage, because it brings with it peace between their people. Her decision brings about a chain of events which will change both kingdoms forever.

Fantasy Romance

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen


Cover of Bride of the Beast by Toni V. Sweeney
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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

Part 1

Beast Man’s Bride


“He comes! The General has returned! Reshep be praised!” The slave Hinep gave a perfunctory knock to the brassbound door. Without waiting for permission, she burst into the Royal Princess’ apartments, running to fling herself to the floor near her mistress’ side. “His Highness Horem is back, my Lady. Triumphant.”

“What? When?” Asanath paused in the act of tossing the pair of finely polished bone dice to give Hinep her attention.

“He rides even now through the city gate.” Hinep dared raise her head, pointing in a vague westerly direction.

Dropping the dice onto the playing board, Asanath pushed Bubash off her lap and struggled to her feet. The cat landed with ease, then seemed to lengthen by another foot. As it stretched, baring fangs in a yowl at having its nap disturbed, Asanath held out her hand to her sister-in-law. “Help me,” was puffed at Senset. “Great Taweret! Truly, this child has the weight of a river rock.”

Wondering cynically how much of her haste was to see her returning husband and how much to simply disrupt the game of Monkeys and Cranes they’d been playing, Senset seized Asanath’s arm and hauled her pregnant bulk upright. She’d been winning, the Princess losing, and she had a feeling her brother’s wife had been looking for some excuse to quit playing. Asanath didn’t like to lose.

Silently, she made certain her sister-in-law was steady on her feet, then straightened the disarranged draperies of her robe and followed her through the open archway onto the balcony. After a moment’s hesitation, Hinep got to her feet and scurried after them, the cat trailing.

Hinep should’ve assisted her mistress. Lazy wench! She ought to be the one making certain her robes are arranged modestly, not I. Briefly, that thought flitted rebelliously through Senset’s mind, rankling just a little. Lesser children often performed tasks below their status simply because they were lesser. And they were expected to do it without comment.

By this time, Asanath was outside on the balcony, dropping heavily onto the stone bench set before the balustrade. Babush leaped onto the seat beside her. Her hand went to the cat’s neck, unconsciously stroking around its collar of elaborately interlaced jade, turquoise, and carnelian lozenges as she looked down at the gathering crowd. Bubash shook her head, sending the golden ring in her left ear swinging.

The royal palace was built on the slope of a foothill. Unlike those buildings below, it was constructed of granite and marble, made to last forever as it towered above the city of Usaset. From their vantage point, they could see over the tops of the flat-roofed, sun-baked brick buildings into the market place itself.

There was more movement than usual for this hour of the morning, a hubbub of excitement and activity. People were gathering on either side of the main street, pressing into the stalls and shop doors to make room for the returning army. 

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