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By Icy Snow Blackstone

Lisa Carpenter didn’t intend to get mixed up with gypsies; it just happened. Now, she’s the possessor of a magical gypsy charm—good for one wish—and the reluctant owner of an abandoned black cat who’s set himself up as her protector.

Tomas’s a gypsy cat, there’s no doubt—complete with golden earring. He’s funny, attentive, and loving, the Perfect Pet. If he were human, he’d be the Perfect Man. And he’s determined to protect Lisa from everything, including predatory boyfriends.

Could Lisa’s beloved pet have an agenda all his own?

Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of Gypsy Charm by Icy Snow Blackstone
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Chapter 1

Lisa Carpenter never intended to become involved with gypsies; all she wanted to do was get home and order a pizza. Friday Payday. The check was in the bank and she was in her car. Lisa was looking forward to the weekend. Two days of nothing but sleeping late and loafing and watching television. Life is good.

Pressing the brake pedal, she slowed the car, turning as it approached the corner. Just ahead was a little strip mall where she sometimes stopped for snacks on the way home. As she passed the Minute Mart, the door swing open and a man rushed out. One hand grasped a struggling woman by the arm, her movements hindered by the shopping bag and walking stick she carried. He headed for the curb, dragging the old woman with him. Without stopping, he turned and tried to take the bag from her. When she resisted, he shoved her. Hard. She sprawled into the street,  directly in front of Lisa’s car, the shopping bag striking the sidewalk with a solid thud, one seam splitting and sending its contents rolling across the concrete. The brakes screamed and the car stopped a foot from the old woman’s head.

“You idiot! I might have hit her.” Lisa was out of the car, running around the open door toward them.

“Wish you had.” He gathered the groceries and stuffed them back into the bag. “That’d make one less gypsy to steal from me.”

“Didn’t steal,” came a denial from the street. “Have sales ticket.”

He bent, hooked the handle of the shopping bag with two fingers and stalked away.

“Hey, you can’t take that.” Lisa ran after him, fingers scrabbling at his arm. “It’s hers.”

“Yeah?” He spun around. “That old witch stole it. She filled her bag and tried to sneak out without paying.”

“She says she has a receipt--”

“She’s lying.”

She glanced back at the old woman who was now sitting up, rubbing one leg. The hem of her skirt was hiked up, revealing worn, thick-soled shoes and brown cotton lisle stockings on scrawny legs. The man headed for the store again.

“Wait! I-I’ll pay for the groceries.” If the old woman had really stolen them, perhaps she had a good reason.

“Do you know her?” He stared at her as if she’d lost her mind. She shook her head.

“Whatever. It’s your money. If you want to throw it away on an old gypsy hag...”

She could see what he was thinking as plain as if it was printed on his fat, ugly face. Don’t

matter to me who pays as long as someone does.

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