Cadre Of Vampires PDF

By Kenneth Gordon

“There is a cadre of vampires in my town, but no one believes me!” These words were spoken into an electronic device that was found in the woods. John Abbott is now missing! Follow Deputy Sheriff Fred Turner as the mystery deepens and people who had gone missing are now showing up on a lonely road at night with glowing red eyes, pale skin, bald heads, and a taste for blood. Is it all real or just a delusion fabricated by a tortured soul?

Science Fiction

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

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Author: Kenneth Gordon

Chapter 1

The audio device clicked on.

4 March

My name is John Abbott. This is my audio chronicle. There is a cadre of vampires in my town, but no one believes me.

It all started one day with a knock at the door…

I opened it. Behind the storm door was a young man with a multicolored western shirt, blue jeans and old style Converse sneakers. His hair was light brown and close-cropped. The one feature really standing out to me was his eyes. They were red.

He asked me if I knew so-and-so. I said I didn’t, closed the door and leaned against it as if to keep his presence out of my apartment. It was then I knew something was up. I didn’t know how up until people started disappearing from town and no one knew what happened to them.

I knew.

It was only when some people who were presumed dead re-appeared on a lonely road at night with ashen faces and red eyes lighting up the night that fear awakened in our hearts as we passed them.

~ * ~

6 March

I’ve lived in a small town in New Hampshire for most of my life. When I get new neighbors, I always make it a point to bring cookies or brownies to help them feel welcome. It’s my duty to break down the traditional staunch, New England independence walls. Many people see New Englanders as cold, aloof, even xenophobic. I want to change people’s perceptions and bring back the time when everyone knew his neighbors, looked out for them, and helped them.

I talked with Joe, at the general store. He didn’t think these people went missing. He seemed to think they were just playing around. I told him my story, but he laughed it off. Thought they were just youth playin’. He hinted they might be ‘Twilight’ fans. I felt like the scourge of the town, the town I love. Why won’t anyone listen? I know what I saw.

~ * ~

8 March

Friday night and where am I? At the bar? Library? Renting a movie? No. I tried to get an audience with a town selectman to organize a hearing to see what we can do about this, but in our small town, not a single member of the governing body was available. Sometimes I wish we had a mayor. It might make this easier, but then again, we’d have to be much larger for that.

~ * ~

12 March

Twenty years ago, my mother died on this day. I still miss her. Love ya, Mom.

~ * ~

15 March


Today, we finally had a town meeting. It was divided between the ones who didn’t know what to do, those who didn’t think anything was going on, and those, like myself, who wanted and needed to do something. The arguments flew back and forth like a verbal tennis match, and I lost, 20 love. Why won’t people listen? Is it all in my head? I’m not causing people to disappear.

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