Cafe Serenity POD Print

By Jacqueline Paige

When Paranormal meets Normal, the last thing you’ll find is Serenity.

Something in Riverside is attacking those connected to Café Serenity, one of the local hangouts. The not-quite human owner and her misfit group of anything but human friends and employees band together with the police to solve the mystery.

Simple task: just work with or around the Paranormal council of Elders, discover unknown soul mates, protect each other, and do it all without arising the suspicion or notice of the normal in town.

Just another day at Café Serenity.

Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1

“Remi. This guy wants to know what’s on the bacon, egg and cheese bagel…”

Remi winced and dropped the paperwork she’d been going over. She looked out the kitchen window to see one of her waitresses, Iris, standing in the middle of the café surrounded by customers. Every one of them now looking at her.

“Guess we don’t need to ask how her hot date went this weekend,” Darien mumbled from behind her.

Bethany came running through the door and slid to a stop, her eyes wide. “She didn’t.”

Remi glanced above the door Beth stood in to see the yellow light was lit up. The light that let the staff and certain patrons know there were normals in the café. Normals being the term they used to describe completely vulnerable, none-the-wiser humans.

“Stay. I’ve got this.” Beth waved her hands in Remi’s direction. Taking a deep breath, she put a sweet smile on her face as she stepped out into the customer area.

“Well,” Berk cleared his throat and glanced from Darien to her. “Happy Monday morning.” With that, he turned back to the grill and flipped the French toast.

“She’s been doing so well,” Remi whispered as she watched Bethany smile and charm the customers.

Leaning his huge body on the counter beside her, Darien nodded. “Yeah, she hasn’t stunned anyone in months.”

“I don’t think she’s cut out for mornings.” It was only seven in the morning, too early for anything but coffee as far as Remi was concerned, never mind a faerie in a bad mood.

“No one in our world does mornings well.” Darien lifted her chin and forced her to look into his chocolate brown eyes. “You, for example, look like you haven’t slept.”

“I didn’t, really.” Sighing, she pulled away from his touch. “I’m trying to get all this paperwork caught up before that stupid audit.”

Glancing out into the dining area, she groaned in relief to see the customers Iris had embarrassed were now smiling and joking with Beth. Thankfully, Iris was looking after another table, a stubborn set to her chin.

“How can they be so different?”

Darien chuckled. “Just because they’re from the same race doesn’t mean they have the same personality.”

Picking up her cup, she sipped her now cold coffee while thinking about everything she had to do in the next few days.

“Hey,” Darien leaned closer, “why don’t you get Iris to give you a hand in the office?” He shrugged. “She’s got one hell of a brain in her head and with Nadine’s little one teething and keeping her up all night, I’m sure she won’t mind covering the dining room and not having to worry about the extra responsibilities for a while.”

      Remi turned to see Iris heading to the counter, her small frame rigid and her expression clearly saying she wasn’t in the mood for human or para interaction right now. “It would solve a few issues.”

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