Inner Reflections ePUB

By Jacqueline Paige

Detective Alec McGowan is dedicated to serving justice and will crush all that stand in her way. Long used to burying her passions after tragedy and heartbreak taught her that loving someone is dangerous, she expresses them the only way she knows how. Passion for her job has landed her on a hit list, and rather than fearing death she is annoyed and more determined to find them before they find her.

Ian MacTavish is a loner and finds it easier to stay that way. Because of his “talent,” the constant barrage of other people’s thoughts is exhausting, and relationships are even more troublesome. Using his skill has brought him considerable financial reward, and allowed him to stay uninvolved and unencumbered. When a night of harmless mind surfing leads him further into a twisted plot of chaos and murder, his appearance at the police station surprises him most of all.

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen

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Chapter 1

    It seemed like a good idea when he left the bar, but now as he sat in his car outside the police station it didn’t sound so brilliant. How am I supposed to do this exactly? Just go in and ask for this Detective and tell them I overheard a plot to kill them, inside my head… Yeah, that will work out well. If they didn’t send him to the nearest mental facility, it would at the very least begin the ruin of his reputation in the business world, not that he could discuss his work. Well, his real work at least.

He could always go talk to Brent and see if he could find out more about the information he’d pilfered from an intoxicated brain. If he knew which drunken body he’d tapped into it would be easier. He could just describe the person and that would be the end of it. This was so far out of his comfort zone he didn’t know where to begin.

Ian didn’t play cops and robbers, and law enforcers were the last people he wanted to talk to. He was a specialist in the research field, at least that’s what his ID said. The reality of it was he helped himself to large corporation secrets and sold them to the highest bidder. He hadn’t talked to Brent in months though, not since his brother’s anniversary party for Brent’s sister. Did I even want to attempt to explain it all to the family? Not likely the best plan.

“Start the car Ian and just drive away. You know nothing,” he muttered to the steering wheel. Flexing his hands, he grasped the padded wheel and let out a slow breath. “Fuck.” He was going to walk in there and do it despite the feeling that he should run in the other direction.

Angrily he strode into the building, stopping short when he spotted the old cop sitting behind the reception desk. He looked weathered, bitter, past retirement. Odds were if Ian attempted to explain what he came here for he’d be tossed out into the street. The balding man gave him a look that said ‘What the hell do you want?’ and he thought it at the exact moment his eyes made contact with Ian. Straightening to his full six foot five height, Ian offered his most sincere smile. “Could you point me to Detective Brent Jordan, please?”

Without offering a word, the scowling man pointed to a door. “Thanks.” Ian made quick steps to get to the door and away from the old cop. It was people like that he tried not to get too close to, their thoughts were never cheery or bright.

     Closing the door, he paused and looked around. Now what? He could not believe he was going to tell Brent. The next family gathering wouldn’t be a good one, not after this. He looked around but didn’t see Brent or that large partner of his so he headed toward the nearest desk.

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