Shadow Avenged POD Print

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

When it comes to love, Marek Strigoi considers himself the unluckiest person alive, either vampire or human. A four-time loser in the Game of Hearts, he’s been ignoring how he feels for Maggie Vanator since the first night he met her, but now…
In a desperate move, Marek seeks a substitute to satisfy those vampiric urges and keep his feelings for Maggie as the harmless variety, but the lady herself may have something to say about that, especially when she discovers she and Marek are psychically connected.
Maggie’s definitely determined where the vampire she loves is concerned.
Overshadowing their affair, inquisitive human Timothy Jordan becomes prey when he’s captured by wounded Ravagiu’s vampire thrall Rachel to provide blood for her dying master.
In a Louisiana bayou, Marek and Mircea Ravagiu will finally comes face-to-face. The Blood Oath sworn will be fulfilled, but only one vampire will be standing when the smoke clears…

Dark urban fantasy/horror

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1


Stryker’s Restaurant

New Orleans

 “It’s been three weeks now and we haven’t heard anything,” Andreas said.

The three of them, Andreas, his twin Vlad, and their elder brother, were sitting in Marek’s office at Stryker’s, the restaurant they owned. They’d been discussing… arguing, rather…about whether or not they should organize another search for Mircea Ravagiu’s body because the two previous hunts had been unsuccessful. Since the night he’d escaped from the warehouse in K-Ville, the renegade was considered still at large.

“Isn’t that enough indication we can forget about him?” he continued.

“It’s enough reason for us to stay vigilant,” Marek replied.

“He was shot three times in the chest.” Vlad ground the cigarette he held into a small crystal ashtray.

Marek allowed him to light it only after being assured it was tobacco and nothing else. Other than the liquor for which he had a license, he didn’t allow any controlled substance inside Stryker’s. Vlad thought his older brother was too much the babysitter. He’d quit using pot in the ’Eighties. Anyway, it was Andreas who couldn’t tolerate weed.

 “He’s probably floating in some bayou with the fish and ’gators nibbling at his corpse.” Watching the gray smoke thread upward from the crushed stub, he brushed aside any worry about the missing renegade.

“Right,” Andreas agreed with his twin. “Remember how you nearly died when you got shot that time?”

That incident had occurred in 1806 and was their initial experience with firearms. It was also the first indication there were weapons other than swords, daggers, and their own fangs which might kill any of them.

“Sabine said if you’d waited another week before coming to him, there would’ve been nothing he could do,” Vlad pointed out. He reached into his inner breast pocket for his cigarette pack, then thought better of it.  One more cigarette and Marek would accuse him of being a chain smoker. “Three bullets will do much more damage than one.”

“My God, I’m glad no one can hear us,” Marek retorted. “They’d probably think we were Mafiosi or something.” Instead of merely vampires.

“Well, no one can hear us and we’re definitely something, aren’t we?” Vlad shot back.

“You’d make a pretty scary godfather, Brother. Hell, you were a fairly frightening ghidaj.”

“You certainly scared the hell out of me enough,” Andreas agreed. “Can we really compare the two? At least you never sent anyone to the bottom of a lake, though I sincerely hope Ravagiu’s swimming in a bayou.”

     “I’d think by now both of you would know never to underestimate Mircea Ravagiu unless you see his decaying bones, and maybe not even then.” Marek ignored that bit of brotherly banter. “Bleed to death in a swamp? I don’t believe we’re going to be cheated like that. The gods didn’t let any of us survive this long simply to kill him off with bullets.” He paused a moment, then added, “I imagine we poor vampires are giving them a pretty entertaining little drama.”

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