Shadow Duet MobiPocket

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Twin vampires desperately seeking love…

Two young women ready to oblige them…all the way to the altar.

There’s one gigantic obstacle, however…both the ladies are human.

Frustrated by vampire rules hampering their lives and tired of playing heartless womanizers, Andreas Strigoi and his brother Vlad seek a loophole allowing them to marry the women they love.

They’ll even face the prince’s stone-cold steward to do it.

With Cousin Dan’s marriage to Ana imminent, the hunt is still on for Mircea Ravagiu but now the renegade strikes back…and Vlad’s his next target.

Will there be three weddings or a funeral in the Strigoi family future?

Horror, Vampire

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


The Sectiuna’s Headquarters



Sacre, if Ah stay heah much longer, Ah’m gonna go blind.” Blinking, Vashon Lafitte looked from the computer screen to the map on the desk beside his keyboard. With thumb and forefinger, he rubbed his eyes as they began to sting.

He was no closer to finding his target than he’d been on the night Jenny Matthews’ grandson told them he’d been contacted by the mysterious man calling himself R.

It didn’t take much of an imagination to guess the stranger’s real identity.  It had to be Mircea Ravagiu.

Vashon and his men had gone all out to discover where the renegade was hiding. They’d searched the ruins in K-Ville and gone to other sections of New Orleans where remains continued giving monument to Katrina’s devastation.

That didn’t make their search any easier. Even this far removed from the event, the city was still not fully recovered from the hurricane. There were too many places to hide, too many deserted shacks and half-standing hulks and too much magic which could be obtained and used to shield a fugitive.

Vashon was certain Ravagiu was hiding in the bayous. From the moment the Strigoi family appeared and Billy-Jacques, leader of the Southeastern Seaboard and Southern Regiune, took them under his shield, his Head of Security was assigned to search for the renegade who’d killed their parents, their younger brother, and eventually most of their servants. Though he had the entire city of New Orleans and its surrounds to patrol, Vashon did as he was told. He might be Cajun, born and bred in Bayou Noir with little idea of the way those from the Motherland did things, but he was also aventurieri, or, as humans commonly called his kind…a vampire.

That meant he understood the desire for revenge.

Even if he hadn’t, his sectiuna ordered it, so he hastened to obey.

Unfortunately, as yet he’d produced no results. Though thus far, the sectiuna hadn’t demanded an accounting of his failure, Vashon was certain it was coming. After all, there’d been two attacks on the Strykers, as they now called themselves, either of which could’ve been fatal. Even if Marc Stryker refused a bodyguard, legally absolving the sectiuna from future mishaps, morally Billy-Jacques wouldn’t accept that. If his constituents were threatened, his men should be able to find the culprit.

An’ Ah’d better do it soon.

Vashon wasn’t in any danger of corporal punishment if he failed. However, he could be replaced. That was a humiliation he didn’t want to face. He’d been the sectiuna’s Authorité since before the Great War, had protected Billy-Jacques, his family, and his city from the beginning of the old century into this new one. He wasn’t about to let this rapitor shame him further by remaining at large much longer.

     Presently however…

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