Shadow Law MobiPocket

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

When vampire Bogdan Strigoi suggests his writer wife change the nature of the Undead in her next novel, he may die regretting it. As soon as Ana’s latest book is released, she finds herself accused of breaking aventurieri Law by proving vampires are real.

A confrontation with the prince’s assassin is in order and that’s not good from anyone’s point of view since meetings with Cézar are inevitably fatal.

In another part of New Orleans, Mircea Ravagiu adds an unwilling thrall to his plan for his enemies’ destruction. Aided by his Creole mistress, he picks the most vulnerable link in the Strigoi chain as his next victim…Dr.Sabine Lavelle.

Sabine’s weakness is for young women in distress, and Ravagiu knows just the one to lure him to his death.

It’s a perfect plan, but…

Things won’t turn out as the renegade expects when one of the men pursuing him decides not to follow the rules…

Genre: Horror, Dark Urban Fantasy

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
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Chapter 1

New Orleans, Louisiana

Residence of Daniel and Ana Stryker



Vashon appeared so suddenly in the kitchen doorway Dan ran into him, splashing scalding coffee on both his right hand and the Cajun’s elaborately smocked shirt front.

“Jesus Christ, Vashon! Why don’t you warn someone before you do that?”

“Sorry, mon ami.” Vashon Lafitte, authorité for Billy-Jacques Thibodet, sectiuna of the vampires of the southeastern seaboard, brushed at the liquid staining the white fabric. “You watchin’ television?”

“Does it look like it?” Dan snapped, shaking his burning hand as he set the cup on the counter. Damn, that hurts. Good thing he healed quickly. “I was about to have my breakfast coffee before you made me spill it.”

“Sorry, mon cher.” Vash followed him into the kitchen.

“Watch that cher stuff. I’m straight now. Remember?”

Dan was so gruff Vashon wondered if that was his usual just-awakened manner or merely because of his surprise appearance.

“I don’t want there to be any doubt about my orientation. What if Ana heard?” He lifted the Mr. Coffee carafe from the counter, refilling the cup. “Besides, your little bonbon might get jealous.”

Finding a dishtowel, he blotted the coffee off his wrist, tossing it to Vashon who did the same to his shirt.

Mention of the carrot-topped college student who’d briefly and painfully been Dan’s lover before the boy was introduced to the Cajun, made him ask, “How is Timmie, by the way?”

“Sweet...lovable...adorable, th’ love of m’ life.” Vashon kissed his fingers. “A delicious li’l morsel.”

“Saying he’s fine would do as well. Glad things are going all right for you two. So there’s no resentment about being his consolation prize?” Dan quoted back to Vash what Timothy said the night he introduced the two. “Delicious? Is that figurative or literal?”

“You don’ need no worries theah.” Vashon laughed, shaking his head. The minute taste of Timothy’s blood he’d gotten the night his wings accidentally unfolded and nearly knocked the boy unconscious didn’t count. “Like Ah told Timmie that day. Me, Vashon…Ah’m no substitute, Ah’m th’ real thing, an’ Ah love that li’l deomi more than you ever could.”

There was a slight silence following that rather vehement avowal.

Non, we haven’t blood-bonded. Not yet.” Vash folded the towel, placing it beside the coffeemaker, and changed the subject. “How’s married life treatin’ you, mon copain?”

“Very well, thank you. Before you ask, yes, I’m still sticking to my intention to be fully heterosexual from now on.” Dan sipped gingerly from the cup.

“Is that why Ah don’ get invited ’round no more?”

“Vash…” Dan gave him an exasperated look. We’ve been over this so many damned times. “You were never invited in the first place. You were simply the bad penny. Always turning up.”

     The Cajun gave him a long-suffering stare and let the remark pass. He was very well-aware Dan never welcomed any of his advances though he’d been polite enough in refusing them. Rejection hadn’t stopped Vashon from hoping, however…

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