Shadow Liege POD Print

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

You can’t go home again.
Vampire Marek Strigoi proves that adage wrong as he returns to Carpathius, bringing renegade Mircea Ravagiu to justice and declaring himself the Intamplare, rightful heir to the vampire throne.
Prince Ciprian doesn’t intend to go down without a fight, however, and he’s more than willing to spill long-held secrets in the process…such as the hold Ravagiu has over him, the identity of Marek’s father…and whose body actually occupies the Strigoi family tomb bearing Marek’s name.
There’s brutal history and more than some divine magic involved as Marek at last fulfills the destiny the gods prophesied at his birth.
The final entry in the Second Species series answers the questions raised through Marek’s quest for vengeance and poses new ones, as the man who would change his peoples’ future discovers exactly what becoming the Domnitor means.

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

Sensuality rating: 5

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1


Marek Strigoi’s bedroom

Rêves des Nuit

New Orleans


What the hell am I doing? I don’t want this.

It was three months after Marek Strigoi’s spontaneous but much-desired marriage to Maggie Vanator. Three months since he made the life-changing decision to challenge the domnitor.

His reason was simple…and extremely selfish. In the general scheme of things, he might say he wished to free his species from the cruelty of the Law and the only way to do so was by ridding them of their mad prince. True to a point. From there on, however, sheer high-sounding noble bullshit. Marek had a much more basic wish for wanting possession of the power to dissolve the current laws and establish better ones.

Marek Strigoi was amastecatura, a half-breed being his species’ gods declared unfit to live. He’d married a human, which, as long as he had no offspring, might be considered more a bending of the law than an actual breaking of it. That was the problem. Marek’s other wish, one he hadn’t yet acted upon, would condemn him in both the eyes of his people and his gods.

It was an ironic situation. Centuries before, on his first assignment for his prince, he’d slain one of his own people for loving a human and had thought, Is any female and her unborn crossbreed worth dying for? Now he knew the answer. It was as Iancu Rodica told him seconds before his death…I love this woman more than I love my life…

He didn’t want to find himself and Maggie taking Rodica and his ill-fated iubita’s places. He wanted to have children with his wife, and he wanted to survive and see them grow to adulthood unthreatened by death at the hands of the prince’s assassin.

That was it in a nutshell…plain and simple.


As well as totally insane.

Marek announced his plan to his brothers... No, not his brothers. He had to keep reminding himself of that. If anything they were his foster brothers, the sons of Janos Strigoi. He told them he’d take the renegade who killed their parents, the man they’d hunted for two centuries before finally capturing him a few months before, back to Carpathius for trial, then challenge the domnitor.

After much argument, they accepted his decision…and now…

It was time to leave…and he didn’t want to go.

Why the sudden hesitation? It’s settled.

     The die was cast, the Rubicon ready to be crossed…and any of those other clichés meaning everything was decided…his part of it, at least. The rest was up to the Fates. It was too late for last-minute doubts, and yet…

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