Shadow Revealed PDF

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

“I am the Intamplare!”
Vampire Marek Strigoi makes a decision having long-term consequences for every aventurieri in existence.

He’s going to declare himself the Intamplare, the long-awaited savior/destroyer of his species…if he isn’t killed by the prince before he can act, that is.

Marek also learns something which could be a hindrance to his plans. He isn’t Janos Strigoi’s son.
If that’s so, whose sins did he suffer for when he was sent to Hell…and why did Janos Strigoi raise someone else’s child as his heir?
More than the prince’s justice may be awaiting both Marek Strigoi and Mircea Ravagiu in Carpathius.

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror

Sensuality rating: 5

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


Rêves de Nuit

Just outside New Orleans


“Please let me see him,” Diana pleaded. She placed her hand over her brother’s. “I can’t believe he’s been here two months and you haven’t told me.”

As far as Marek was concerned, two months was too brief a time for Mircea Ravagiu to languish in the sectiuna’s dungeon. Former brother-in-law or not, if he had his way, he’d forget about the bastard for a century or so before he meted out some very slow but definitely terminal punishment.

“I’ve a right to see him,” she persisted. “He’s my husband.”

“You’ve no right,” Marek answered coldly. “May I remind you…thanks to the prince, he’s no longer your husband.”

Just as Celine’s no longer my wife. His Majesty Ciprian Beniamin seemed to have a knack for breaking up relationships.

He moved his arm, gently dislodging her grip. Diana jerked her hand back as if he’d slapped it.

With a great show of unconcern for the vibration of emotions aimed like arrows across the dining table, he carefully dipped the little curved knife into the small bowl of whipped butter, depositing a generous portion into his grits. Of the entire family, he was the only one with a taste for the Southern staple, without fail requesting it every evening as part of his breakfast menu. He watched the creamy ball melt into golden rivulets before continuing.

“The domnitor dissolved your marriage.” Much like heat dissolved that pat of butter. “Why the hell did Vlad have to tell you anyway?”

“He felt I had a right to know.”

The minute she appeared at breakfast that evening, Marek immediately knew something was wrong. It hadn’t taken long for Diana to tell him how their brother had knocked on her door.

~ * ~

“I’m going to catch holy hell for telling you,” Vlad began without further explanation. “Guess my conscience is getting to me. Anyway…you need to know this. That killer you love is alive. He’s in the sectiuna’s dungeon, waiting to be taken back to Carpathius for trial.”

That was all he said. No further details, nothing to calm his sister’s entreaties concerning her husband’s condition…whether he’d been wounded again or how he’d survived his other injuries…nothing except that one word. Alive. A word to make a woman who hadn’t seen the man she loved in over two centuries want to know more, no matter how her brothers felt about him.

~ * ~

     “I know you can’t understand how I feel.” Diana kept her voice low, as if fearful someone might overhear though they were the only two at table. “I’ve struggled to make myself see your point of view. I’ve accepted the way you feel. Why can’t you do the same for me? I admit he did terrible things to your…our…family, but I love him.”

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