Shadow Slayer MobiPocket

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

How many women had he killed? How many of them looked into those icy eyes and were lost? Shuddered under his touch, wanting his caress even as that wicked blade took their lives?

When vampire Marek Strigoi was banished from Carpathius, his cousin Cézar was forced to take his place as the prince’s assassin.

Two hundred years later, Cézar’s still seething under the injustice of it all and he’s nearly ready to rebel…

When he’s sent to London to enforce the prince’s justice, Fate has some surprises in store for the would-be rebel.

Cézar falls in love…with his victim.

Elle Hubbard is definitely receptive to a lustful vampire’s enticements. She also has a tie to Cézar neither is aware of. Now more than ever, the Strigoi cousin has a reason to free himself from the prince’s domination…or die trying.

Dark urban fantasy/horror

Sensuality rating:

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


The Domnitor’s audience chamber


Present Day


“You sent for me, Maiestate?”

Cézar spoke to the room at large, bowing in the general direction of the throne. As usual, it was empty. He deliberately didn’t look at the domnitor’s steward, the Ingrijitor, standing next to it.

I sent for you, Taietor,” Stjpan answered.

Cézar gave him his attention but it was with obvious reluctance.

“There’s a new armate.” Stjpan held out a small scroll tied with a crimson ribbon.

“The madman can’t even give his own orders now?” Cézar didn’t try to hide his contempt. He ignored the offered scroll, making no move to take it.

“How dare you speak so of your master?” The Ingrijitor reacted as he expected, demanding, “Show more respect.” He shook the scroll, forcing Cézar to look at it.

“I’ll show respect when he’s present to see it,” he snapped. “What unlucky aventuriera’s to receive Ciprian’s dubious justice this time?”

“The gods’ justice, don’t you mean?” Stjpan corrected. “His Majesty merely dispenses that which the gods decree.”

“Yeah, yeah…whatever.” The Ingrijitor’s tone was so falsely pious Cézar wanted to backhand him.

“This armate needs handling with great delicacy.” Stjpan grasped the scroll tighter until his fingers clenched into a fist.

“You’re talking to the prince’s assassin,” Cézar reminded him. “Exactly how does one kill with delicacy?” His voice was razor-sharp with irony.

Cézar didn’t ask if the accused was guilty. Indictment by the prince, whether real or imagined, was all that was necessary. He was certain a good many had died under false charges. He also didn’t wonder where the accusation of disobedience originated. There were always a few sycophants wanting to stay in a ruler’s good graces, even if that ruler was slowly going mad…especially if he were a madman.

When the steward didn’t answer, he persisted, “Why? What’s different about this one?”

“The wrongdoer is the son of a member of His Majesty’s Confastuire.”

“Oracle!” Shock stabbed into Cézar. Other than that single word, he managed to hide his reaction. He was being sent to kill the child of one of the men sitting in counsel to the domnitor? “Does the father know?”

He didn’t ask either son or parent’s name.

“The father has learned, though I attempted to keep it as quiet as possible.” Stjpan looked a trifle peeved. “I haven’t been able to discover who told him.”

“And…?” Since the informant was unknown, it must’ve been a well-meaning friend. He hoped the Ingrijitor never found out. If Stjpan did, the owner of those loose lips would rue the day he spoke.

“He begged His Majesty for mercy.” The steward sounded completely unconcerned. His lip curled slightly as he continued, “Got down on his knees and groveled, in fact. Shamed himself completely, for all the good it did.”

He held out the scroll again, gesturing impatiently. This time, Cézar reluctantly plucked it from the steward’s hand.

“He’s accepted it now, of course.”

     “Of course,” Cézar echoed sarcastically.

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