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By Toni V. Sweeney

Katy has a liking for those Bad Boys on the movie screen, though she’s a little more particular about her real-life boyfriends. When her friends’ teasing about her dateless Saturday nights goes too far, she does a foolish thing. She asks the Devil to send her his baddest Bad Boy…and to her surprise, he does. Well, perhaps not the baddest, for Zel’s a monumental underachiever of a demon, about to be demoted to the lowest rung of the Satanic ladder if he doesn’t straighten up and fly wrong. Tempting Katy’s his last chance.

Katy knows what Zel is, but who can resist a blond, blue-eyed hunk with the longest…wingspan…she’s ever seen? Zel not only aces his assignment, he’s now his demonic department’s star employee, but, unknown to Satan, something terrible has happened. Zel and Katy break the rules by falling in love, and there will literally be Hell to Pay when the Big Boss finds out!

Paranormal Romance

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen


Front cover of That Demon In Blue Jeans by Toni V. Sweeney
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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

 “Wasn’t that a great movie?” Kate slid into the booth beside Selena. It was a lovely late spring afternoon. She and her friends were lucky to have a four-day work-week and as was their usual Friday routine, they had just left the Ritz Theater, where the latest horror movie was playing. Now they were at their favorite burger barn.

“Yeah!” Audrey agreed breathlessly, waving at a passing waitress who skidded to a stop and trotted over. “I just looove Sean Donovan.”

“Oooh, ooh!” Jennie mocked, clutching her clasped hands to her heart and rolling her eyes upward. “Don’t we just love those Bad Boys?”

“Oh, yeah,” Audrey went on. Her gaze roved over the menu. “Especially those Bad Boys Turned Vampire.”

“Huh, not me,” Selena declared, pulling the menu from Audrey’s hands and studying it intently. “I don’t want a bad boy of any kind.”

“Well, I certainly do,” Kate replied. “Mister Sean can put his shoes under my bed any time…fangs and all.”

“I suppose that’d be all right,” Audrey smirked. “If his shoes are the ones with the fangs, and not the man himself.” She was always correcting her friends’ grammar, much to their irritation.

“Even if they are,” Kate retorted. She plucked the menu from Selena’s fingers and studied it with the same care as her friend had, then glanced up at the waitress whose name tag informed one and all, Hi, my Name’s Gina. No need for that, Gina knew all the girls, had gone to school with them, in fact. “We’ll have four Specials, Gina.”

“Coming right up.” The waitress scribbled on her little pad, nodded, and hurried away.

The debate about motion pictures, movie stars in general, and bad boys in particular, especially the paranormal kind, continued. Most of it centered aroundthe movie they’d seen that night. It was a minor epic with a plot about a young hood possessed by a demon. After many transformations and some very excellent special effects involving the hero’s gratuitous semi-nudity and a generous display of six-pack abs, he meets a sweet little social worker. Demon is exorcized by pure love amid fantastic explosion, clinch, closing credits.

“Girl, how can you say that?” Selena stared at her. “You’d really like to be treated the way the girl in that movie was? I mean…he was so hatefulto her, even when he wasn’t a demon.”

“I agree.” Kate smiled at Gina who placed a mouth-watering Special Grill’r Burger Deluxe with Fries and Soft Drink in front of her. It was Kate’s usual order. She really didn’t have to tell Gina what she wanted. “Still…when they got together? Did you see those sparks? Yee-Hah!” The others snickered as she gave a loud theatrical sigh. “He’s so handsome, all that red hair and those green eyes…”

“Wouldn’t touch ’em,” Selena stated. “I always remember what my Granny told me…A red-headed man is the Devil’s own chile.”


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