The Clan Andriescu ePUB

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Vampires can have as many problems with love as anyone else.

Take the members of the Clan Andriescu, for instance.

There’s Marius, elder brother and leader of the clan, who can’t understand why the one woman he really loves doesn’t want to renew their affair. What does it matter that fifty years have passed since their last meeting? Isn’t love eternal?

Then, there’s younger brother Valerius. Ordered to get serious and find a bride, he does what any spoiled brat will do. He runs away…right into the arms of a most beguiling young lady who’s human and mortal and forbidden. What’s a vampire to do?

As for Cousin Timon… Married to the author of the most famous vampire series since Interview with the Vampire can be fun, until she writes a novel proving vampires exist.
Join the Clan Andriescu as they find love, lose it, find it again, and struggle to keep it.


Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by: Toni V. Sweeney


The front cover of The Clan Andriescu by Tony-Paul de Vissage
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Within these pages you’ll find a fanciful and somewhat fictitious accounting of how I became acquainted with those most hapless examples of vampire-dom, the Andriescus. That story is to be taken with a very large grain of salt, I’m afraid, though somewhere, buried deep within the accounting, there may be more than one particle of truth.

In this version, I was a youngster—a mere stripling—when the vampires and I met. They were looking for something that didn’t exist. I was just goofing off, a little smart-mouth know-it-all who got taken down quite a few pegs in a short time by three transplanted Transylvanians. The truth of the matter is I became aware of the members of Clan Andriescu in 2008. Val was the first to come to my attention. Valerius, he was called back then, but only by his family. He’d long ago Americanized his name to Val. He said he thought it sounded much cooler, though by the time he, his brother and their cousin arrived in this country, I imagine either version still had a foreign ring to it. I’d never considered myself much of a short story writer. I loved words too much to be miserly enough with them to write anything with less than one hundred pages, but suddenly, there I was, with the story of a rebellious young vampire buzzing around in my head. Val insisted on having his story told so I reluctantly complied, though I warned him it was going to be a short one, definitely not long enough to be called a novel in any sense of the form. Well, he got his way, and “Love, Vampire Style” emerged, was submitted under a name other than my own, accepted as a novelette, and we were on our way.

After that, Marius demanded to be heard, thinking his history was much more entertaining than his baby brother’s, bitter-sweet though it was. It subsequently found its way into a magazine of fanciful stories, Ravens in our Midst, February, 2011.

Not to be left out, Timon added his own request to be immortalized in print, as if being immortal wasn’t enough. So, the tale of what a near-disaster he and his Laura made of things came about and found its way into the magazine, Sounds of the Night, August, 2009. I have a feeling that story wasn’t exactly what he wanted known, but… Sorry, Tim, nothing you can do about it now.

Within these pages are all the stories revolving around these three vampires…sometimes willful, often love-struck, and definitely more human than they should be.

May I present to you the Clan Andriesu. Read on…and enjoy!


Tony-Paul de Vissage

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