The Eclectic Paranormal Reader Mobi Pocket

By Toni V. Sweeney

Nine fantasy short stories/novelettes to satisfy the imagination. A combination of serious or adventurous fantasy alternating with a dash of light or amusing fancy. Some may make the reader laugh or cause him to peer into the shadows with concern. A few may provoke an unexpectedly serious thought. All will definitely entertain.

NOTE TO READERS: Some stories contain gay characters or situations.

Paranormal Anthology

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney



Death Comes for Miss Naomi

Never underestimate a New Englander.


Naomi Bennett was dying. The feisty little woman from Bangor was on her deathbed.

It wasn’t unexpected. The woman was eighty-nine-years-old, and her body, worn by age, exhaustion, and infirmity and, some said, by the stubbornness that had seen her through so much, was failing.

“It’s only a matter of time,” the physician told them.

So they turned out the lights, drew the blinds and closed the door, gathering downstairs to speak in whispers, as they waited for The End. Miss Naomi, of course, was unaware of all this, shut away as she was upstairs. She lay with eyes closed, simply concentrating on breathing.

Suddenly she began to shiver as if someone had blown a chill breath across her skin, and then... She sensed The Presence hovering near the bed. Rufus, her Coon cat, sleeping on her feet, tensed. He raised his head, looked around, then settled into sleep again. Rufus was old. He’d seen it all. A wavering blob of dark didn’t bother him.

Hello, Naomi...

The voice was quiet but hollow, as if speaking from a very, very deep well.

She swallowed, took a deep breath, and managed to ask, in a barely-audible wheeze, “W-who…?”

Oh, come now, the voice chided. After the many times we’ve crossed paths, must you ask?

“What took you so long?” she croaked. “I expected you hours ago.”

Sorry. The voice sounded anything but apologetic. I’ve no control over these matters. I arrive when I’m supposed to and not a moment before... You know, you really should open your eyes when you’re speaking to me… That was added in a tone of petulance.

“Why?” Naomi wheezed with her usual frankness. “I can’t see anything.”

Because…because it’s rude, that’s why. There was a certain asperity in the ghostly timbre.

Naomi forced her eyes open. It was dark in the room, the only illumination that of the little nightlight in the outlet under the window. All she could see was a vague darkish blur hovering above her.

“So you’re here.” There was a sigh, a husky gasp as she closed her eyes again. “Very well. I’m ready.”

That’s it? I’m ready? The hollow voice sounded disappointed, then spoke up in tones tinged with exasperation. This from the woman who has fought me with every fiber of her being? Defending sick pets, terminal relatives, even ailing strangers, against the sweep of my scythe? The fervent believer of Life at Any Cost…even for those who wish to die and escape their pain? Snatching those who were ready to Go to their Reward from my rescuing embrace?

She didn’t answer, and that seemed to feed his irritation.

    When I saw your name on my list, I really thought... The voice died away in disappointment, then rose. I can’t tell you how I’ve been looking forward to this. Expecting arguments, threats…oh, there’s nothing like a good fight…before that final bow to the inevitable.

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