The Cattle Baron's Kid ePUB

The McCoy Series Book 4

By Toni V. Sweeney

Quill McCoy is tired of being called Boss McCoy’s kid. He struggles to prove he’s as good a rancher as his father ever was, but even his ranch hands treat him as if he’s still in knee britches.

When Angelique DuVal comes to McCoy’s Crossing seeking her brother, Quill has the unpleasant duty of telling her Frenchie’s dead. She’s also fleeing an unwanted marriage, and his solution is to marry her and protect her from her brutal fiancé.

The adage may be Marry in haste, Repent in leisure, but wedding Angelique is the best thing that could happen to Quill, though it tests his will power, his manhood, and his wish to tell her the guilt he’s hiding.

That’s out of the question, for if Angelique ever learns Quill’s secret, it will destroy not only their love but any life they could have together.

Genre: Romance, Western, Family Saga

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

 The evening Seamus Brady tried to force himself upon Angelique DuVal was the night she decided to run away.

Oncle Georges had no right to invite such a ruffian into their home. Even Tante Mathilde said so.

What can he be thinking, Angelique? If only Robert or your gran’pére were alive. That lourdaud’s boots wouldn’t be allowed to disgrace our doorstep!

Neither Angelique’s papa nor her grandfather were living, however, and Oncle Georges was head of the household and could do as he pleased. Apparently what he pleased was to invite that rude, uncouth brute to the townhouse in Nouvelle-Orleans. Both Angelique and Tante Mathilde were aware her husband liked to gamble, as well as that Seamus Brady owned the Crystal Swan, a steamboat of magnificent proportions, if less than sterling repute. It docked at the levée and each night plowed its way up and down the river until the early hours while its guests drank and gambled away their wealth or pleasured themselves with the women whom Brady employedif that was considered the proper term.

 That fact along should have been enough to prevent his entry into any of the better homes in the city, yet Georges occasionally asked Brady to the townhouse on Rue du Prytanée for brandy and cigars. They always stayed in his study, sequestered from the rest of the house, so that was more or less permissible, but to actually invite the man to their dinner table…

Neither Angelique nor her aunt dared protest. They simply accepted they would have to endure the boor’s presence. Then, Oncle Georges called Angelique into his study…

~ * ~

“Since we’ve a guest tonight, chérie, I want you to make yourself presentable.” As Angelique was about to protest she was always presentable, at table and other times as well, he went on, “More than presentable. Mr. Brady’s an important man and a good friend and I wish you to look your best.”

He dismissed Angelique with a wave of his hand.

With a murmured, “Oui, oncle,” Angelique curtseyed, then left as her uncle concentrated on the snifter of brandy he held, though it was only a few hours after luncheon, and, according to Tante Mathilde, much too early for any kind of spirits. Georges’ words angered her…speaking as if she were some ragamuffin who came to supper with mud on her face and her gowns dusty and torn. They also confused her, and that, along with the identity of their guest, made her think something was terribly wrong.

     Nevertheless, with the assistance of her maid, she selected the best of her dinner gowns, preparing to be more than ready by the time supper hour rolled around. With Odette’s aid, she shed her day gown and stepped into her new combination, a camisole with knee-length drawers attached, then was squeezed into her corset, Odette pulling the strings so tight Angelique swore she’d never be able to draw breath, much less swallow a morsel that night.

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