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The McCoy Series Book 5

By Toni V. Sweeney

Like His Uncle Padraig, Liam McCoy is considered the black sheep in the family. Unlike his uncle, he has no intention of reforming, being a saloon owner, proprietor of a casino, and the host at the McCoy’s Crossing Gentlemen’s Club suite Liam just fine.

There’s only one little fly in the current ointment of his life.

Seems he never fully recovered from the shoot-out in which he saved his cousin Quill’s life, and if he doesn’t change his way of living, he may not be doing that much longer.

A letter from his father demanding he come to Tipperary changes everything.

Now Liam has to act like the gentleman he was raised to be and it’ a struggler.

A devastating rainstorm, an extended illness, and a strong-minded Irish lass may go a long way toward making him change his mind about a great many things.

Genre: Family saga/Historical romance/Western

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


McCoy’s Crossing, Nebraska



“All right men, it’s collection day.” In his office at the back of the Trail’s End saloon, Liam McCoy allotted his henchmen their assignments.

The four men standing before him shifted, giving him their attention. One, attired similar to his boss in frock coat and vest, selected one of the red leather chairs while another, wearing trail clothes, took the second. The last two remained standing, one lounging against the wall, the other leaning with crossed arms against a chair-back. The man in the frock coat twisted, giving him a silent stare as if warning, Don’t stand behind me, and the cowboy straightened, raising his hands to show he meant no harm. He moved away, joining the lounger near the door.

Liam took a cigarito from the case in his pocket, flicking a lucifer into flame with a thumbnail. The matchlight highlighted handsome features and hair almost as fiery. He lit the cigarito, puffed a moment, then shook out the match and dropped it into the ash tray on the desk.

“Kelly, you take the north end of town this week.” He blew smoke toward the ceiling.

Kelly, settling again into the chair, nodded.

“Take Brent with you.” Liam gestured to the other seated man. “There are a couple of new businesses opening up and I want you to stop by and talk to the proprietors. See if they’re interested in an insurance policy.” He puffed on the cigarito a moment, then added, “Let them know exactly what it involves and what it’ll do for them.”

McCoy’s Crossing was still considered a town, as opposed to the cities of Omaha and Lincoln. Within its boundaries were so many enterprises it was fast outgrowing that description, however. With every endeavor opening its doors, the owner of the Trail’s End saloon, McCoy’s Casino, and the McCoy’s Crossing Gentlemen’s Club was one of the first welcoming the newcomer to town. This flattered the new arrivals, until they learned the real reason for Liam’s warm reception, as he then offered the owner his ‘protection’ from misfortune caused by an outside source.

With one exception, this was no different from what was happening in other cities both in the west and back east. Liam never used force to make anyone accept his offer. If a business owner chose to refuse his proposition, Liam politely bowed out and didn’t bother them again. He knew when something did go wrong, he’d be the first the victim would come running to. He currently had so many other deals in progress with the town merchants, he didn’t have to attempt coercion to those who didn’t wish to comply.

     Generally, however, most eventually changed their minds. It was beneficial to have Liam McCoy’s protection.

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