For The Love In Adler’s Brain ePUB

For The Love In Adlers Brain
By Toni V. Sweeney

Private Investigator Luc Kai’Leel has had some strange cases before but never one like the young woman sitting before him now. Rena Powell wants him to find her lover’s brain, which definitely isn’t inside his head.

Seems the gentleman in question is an android and not just any ol’ robot but Marcus Adler, aka Moondeath, the Federation’s chief AIA—Artificial Intelligent Assassin Agent—and he wanted to get out. A car bomb solves that problem but now Adler is mentally calling to Rena…to save him.

Inside Adler’s brain is information on how to create others like him, hidden there by his creator, because he never wished it to be known. Marcus Adler was to be his finest creation and the only one of his kind.

With severe misgivings, Luc takes the case and immediately sees complications, because he’s fallen in love with Rena.

How can he convince her a real man’s better than an artificial one…especially when his rival exists only in her mind?

Futuristic Romance

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen


Cover of For The Love In Adler's Brain by Toni V. Sweeney
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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

 “You want me to do what?”

With more than a little disbelief, Luc Kai’Leel looked at the young woman sitting across from him. She’d appeared sane enough, a definitely attractive little blonde looking almost boringly normal, until she made the statement that now forced him to question his assessment.

“You heard me!” she snapped. “You may not be Terran but you understand our language well enough. Why should I repeat myself?”

Luc flushed and felt a slight surge of anger. He might have been born on war-conquered Felida, but damn it, he was a naturalized citizen of Earth now, having given up all ways of life as practiced on his home planet and done everything possible to make himself accepted here. Under casual inspection, he could even pass for a Terran, and now this ditz was looking down her pert little nose at him? “Would you mind doing it anyway?” he asked, swallowing his anger and attempting to keep his voice at a higher pitch than his usually gravelly growl. “Just to make certain I didn’t miss something in the translation?”

“Oh, very well.” She made a sound that was a cross between a gasp and a sigh of impatience. “What I want you to do, Mr. Kai’Leel, is find my fiancé’s brain.”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Luc looked a little unhappy. He, too, sighed. “It isn’t inside his head, I take it?”

“Marcus was killed three weeks ago. Someone spot-bombed his car.” For just a moment, she looked tearful and, whether she was crazy or not, the sight momentarily tugged at his heart. “They didn’t find enough to bury.”

“We can’t assume his brain went the way the rest of his body did?”

She ignored his remark. “I think the Federation was behind it.”

Oh, great! So she has a government-persecution complex on top of everything else. Silently, he wondered if this was a punishment of some kind. Out of all the investigation agencies on the planet, why did she have to choose his to bring her delusions to?  “The Federation?” he echoed, thinking just how stupid he sounded.

“There were Marshals everywhere immediately afterward. One of them found something in the wreckage. I saw him put it in a small plasticon baggie.”

The picture she was painting displayed itself luridly in his mind…twisted remains of what had been an automobile…black uniformed agent holding a soft, bloody object in his hands. “Later, when I asked him about it, he denied having found anything, but I know better. It was Marcus’ brain. I know it was.” A hand brushed at her eyes.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Marcus told me.”

Uh-oh! She’s worse off than I thought. Definitely certifiable, positively winged-out. Maybe dangerous? Slowly, Luc’s left hand inched toward the red Emergency button in the telephone console on the left side of the desk. One tap and the med-techs at the local psychiatric hospital would be alerted; they and their airborne ambulance could be here in three minutes, armed with tranquilizer guns and restraining gear. He had a moment’s regret at what he was about to do, but the girl definitely needed help. Just not from me.

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