Confessions In The Dark MobiPocket

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Streetwise boy Kim Crosley thinks Kit Laurence cares for him but he can’t be certain. Half the time the ex-soccer champ acts like a Pygmalion, attempting to turn the sow’s ear who’s a rent boy into a silk purse of a gentleman. Other times, little glimpses of true affection gleam through his puzzling attitude.

Kim’s determined to break down the wall and force the real Kit to emerge. In the meantime, he’s contending with chauffeur Devlin’s scornful attitude as he attempts to prove he’s not simply an opportunist interested in his benefactor’s money.

A devastating illness offers Kim a way to show once and for all how he feels…if it works…if both he and Kit survive.

M/M Gay Contemporary Romance

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Also available as a Trilogy Set containing Whispers In The Dark, Confessions In The Dark, and Lovers In The Dark
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print
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Chapter 1


“How is he?”

When Sir Adrian came through the door, I was so tense I jumped as if goosed by a cattle goad. That was probably why he hesitated before coming towards me. It seemed I’d been in that waiting room for an eternity… sitting, pacing, fidgeting, mumbling desperate prayers.

“Is he all right?” Please…say yes.

“Your brother tolerated the procedure well…”

Tolerated the procedure? I was agitated enough to take exception to his clichéd response. Toby had his chest opened, a scalpel cutting into his heart. And he’s calling it a mere procedure?

“…and I feel safe in predicting no complications.”

“Can I see him?” I tamped down my anger, mentally admitting I was merely looking for a reason to vent my worry, even if with verbal violence. Kind of like picking up a vase and smashing it against the wall instead of killing someone, which is definitely anti-social behavior. As a man-slut I already indulged in enough of that.

“They’ve wheeled him into Recovery. Give him a chance to wake up and become a little aware.” He smiled at my impatience, actually patted my shoulder.

I jerked away before I could stop. Men didn’t touch me with intent to soothe so his gesture startled me. I managed to transform the movement into a shrug. An embarrassing internal growl accompanied it.

“You haven’t had lunch or tea?” He interpreted the sound correctly.

“Nor breakfast or elevenses, either.”

I’d skipped it all, anxiety making my appetite take a header but also because I didn’t want to get too far away in case I might be needed. For what, I don’t know. What could I possibly do if something went wrong? Other than have a high old case of hysterics?

“I’m not hungry.” I added, as if that validated my omission somehow. Instead, it made me sound sullen, like a pouting child.

“You should be by now.”

Sir Adrian must’ve had tykes of his own because his answer was as calm as everything else he’d said. He looked a little old to be dad to little ones but what did I know? I’d read a few articles about him but didn’t remember any mention of family. Did it matter? I forced myself to listen to what he was saying, telling myself I had to stop tuning out.

“When we’ve finished talking, get something to eat. It’ll make you feel better and by the time you’re done, I imagine Toby’s going to be conscious and wanting you.”

“I guess you’re right,” I agreed reluctantly.

“Trust me, I’m a doctor.” He smiled. “I know I’m right.”

“Yes sir.”

     For a famous celebrity-surgeon and a man knighted for his medical efforts, he was an all-right gent, not stand-offish at all. I certainly liked him better than Doc, since it was that quack’s downplaying of Tow’s symptoms bringing about all this grief. Doc might not be as bad as my former pimp—I beg your pardon, former manager— but he was still on my shit list for not letting Tow know the true condition his heart was in.

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