Lovers In The Dark PDF

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Recovering from major surgery saving soccer champ Kit Laurence’s life, former rent boy Kim Crosley faces more hurdles in his struggle to establish a relationship with his benefactor. He knows Kit cares for him so why is he still being held at arm’s-length?

When a threat emerges in the form of Angel, Kim’s former pimp, whatever Kit feels for Kim will definitely be put to the test. Wanting revenge for Kit’s taking away one of his best “boys,” Angel’s ready for blackmail and possible murder if he doesn’t get what he thinks he’s owed, and he doesn’t care which man is his victim…

M/M Contemporary Romance
Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Also available as a Trilogy Set containing Whispers In The Dark, Confessions In The Dark, and Lovers In The Dark
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print
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Chapter 1


“Kim? Can you hear me?”

The voice shattered the red pinwheels swirling on the insides of my eyelids, replacing them with a black void. This was accompanied by the odd sensation of someone squeezing my legs. As the buzzing in my ears died away, I struggled to open my eyes. A blurred form hovered over me.


He misunderstood. “It’s Dr. Mortonson.”

I shook my head, repeating in a croak, “Kit…how is he?” God, my throat’s dry.

“He’s not awake yet,” he answered.

That was good to know. It meant he’d survived surgery even if it didn’t answer my question.

“He’s over there,” he went on, nodding at something behind me.

Aware of the tubes still attached, I tried to twist and look, craning my neck. That did two things, made me realise I couldn’t see him and also that moving hurt like hell. It took a minute for me to become aware of something else as I drew in a deep breath and fell back onto the surgical trolley. “Why am I lying on my back? Shouldn’t I be face-down? Didn’t you do the transplant? What the hell’s going on with my legs?”

“The transplant was a success,” he said. “You’re on your back because I did a laparoscopic nephrectomy.” I shook my head to show I had no idea what that meant which he already knew, of course, because he went on, “I suppose if you were a little more coherent you’d be asking for a computer so you could do a search for that?”

“You’re getting to know me pretty well,” I whispered. “What about my legs?” My throat was sore, too. I touched it, rubbing above my Adam’s apple.

“Throat hurt?” As I nodded, he reached for something on a nearby table. There was a liquidy sound and he held out a spoon filled with crushed ice. “You can’t have water yet but this should ease it a little. Breathing tubes have a tendency to irritate the larynx.”

So the anesthesiologist stuck a breathing tube down my throat once I was out? Glad I didn’t think of that beforehand though I should’ve. Hadn’t they done the same to Tow during his heart surgery? They hadn’t removed the tube immediately afterward, however.

“Your legs? You’ve got on compression socks. That’s to prevent blood clots. Ignore them. They’ll come off in a bit.”

I opened my mouth. He deposited the crushed ice inside. It felt good, cold and wet. I let it lay on my tongue, melting and trickling down my throat, soothing it.

“FYI,” he went on. “Several small incisions were made in your abdomen and a minicam and instruments inserted. I located the kidney and removed it. You’ve a small incision a couple of inches under your belly-button and that’s all.”

On my stomach? I attempted to put a hand under the sheet, investigating. He stopped me.

    “Don’t touch. It’s covered and bandaged.” He released my hand, replacing it by my side on top of the sheet.

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