Julia's Bombardier MobiPocket

By Bob Young

Julia is still grieving the death of the man she loved during the retreat to Dunkirk during WW2, when a young American bombardier meets her in the green grocer at Thorpe Abbotts. Leading his B17 against German targets, he faces constant death, leaving Julia at home to face the potential horror that he might not return.

The two of them have no idea in 1943 that their life together will face even more serious challenges. Will their love be stronger than the tragedies they end up facing?

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Bob Young

Chapter 1


The girl was ten. Her mother sent her to the greengrocer alone for the first time. It was a memorable day when she went to the shop for fruit for her Mom’s tarts. She was thrilled to be given the responsibility and carried the coins knotted in her handkerchief. She just hadn’t counted on the crabapples that began whistling by as she crunched down the gravel street with her Mom’s bike rattling away. Mom was young, but her bike had had several owners and—like many things in town—was fixed up just enough for normal operation. So the girl made a racket like six kids simultaneously kicking tin cans down the lane as she rode, alerting the hooligans of her presence.

There were pluses and minuses regarding the crabapples. They weren’t ripe. When they landed, they didn’t stain her jumper or leggings. The minus to this equation were the tiny bruises as badges of honor she wore for a few days. She was proud to note she was quick enough only to receive three marks from the boys that day. Fortunately, they weren’t good enough shots back then. But she grew to respect them in the end, because they went on to run her town, went off to war to defend it, and many of them were remembered by name afterwards on a monument. They were profound, treasured memories as she sat down to write this story for you.

~ * ~

I was that little girl. I never imagined at that Moment I would meet my husband in the greengrocer’s twelve years later. In little Thorpe Abbotts, it was quite likely you would see your future husband hundreds of times while shopping for apples or salad ingredients. In a bantam town in Great Britain like ours, it was the person you didn’t know who stood out. By the time I was ten, I was on a first name basis with every hobbledehoy near my age, not that I said a thing to any of them most of the time. They were all knobs.

On that heroic day so long ago, as I proudly parked Mom’s bike and walked into the shop, it looked absolutely the same as it did when I walked into it twelve years later. As far as I can remember, the fruit was displayed as always. Mr. Fitzpatrick never seemed to waver except that the more successful the shop became in the 40’s, the more acidulous his countenance became. But there were a few of us who tried and sometimes succeeded to make him brighten.

“Why, Julia…did your lovely mother send you by yourself for my goods today?” he asked with congratulations in his voice.

“She certainly did,” I said, smiling. I suddenly felt taller. “Mom’s making tarts and she wants Bramley Seedlings.”

“You know where they are, Julia.”

I took a few steps deeper into the store, to the apple display. “These are the ones.”

     “Good girl. In a few years, you can work here after school,” he offered.



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