Kiki And Connor Are Both From Mars ePUB

By Bob Young

Kiki Burgess and Connor Berendt’s lives come together for the first time at the Mars Adventure Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico as they serve as electrical engineers working on the crew cabin for the first attempt to colonize Mars. But their broken lives hardly seem to have the power to bring them together as lovers, let alone as successful work colleagues. Kiki’s terrible decision to engage in a one-night stand is an ongoing disaster that haunts her, threatening to derail a promising future with Connor.

Genre: Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Bob Young

Chapter 1

I put my illegal key into the lock of my boyfriend Rollie’s apartment door, then pushed into the living room as I had done a hundred nights before. Immediately, I heard the sounds of a woman in distress.

Following the sound, I walked into the doorway of the bedroom where I found Rollie violently banging the woman, doggie-style. With a vice grip-like hold of her breasts for leverage, he did our Chinese teaching assistant, Suni, three years our senior.

Suni was a classic beauty and a month from her Ph.D. Intellectually, one could understand Rollie wanting to screw Suni.

Emotionally, what I saw was heart-stopping. I simply stood there, feeling like my body was disintegrating until they finished their torrid romp and noticed I was in the room. They quickly dressed, walked past me without comment and left the apartment. I seemed stuck in place. Emotional paralysis transferred to a physical immobility. The fact they left me was helpful. It gave me time to process what I walked in on. To say that I was done with Rollie was an understatement. The problem was our three-year relationship, entwining me with people and institutions at Purdue, identified me with him. In fact, my complete existence at the moment was all about him. I wondered how I could undo his memory and presence in my life.

My first thought was to remove from his apartment everything of mine I might actually need or want in the future.

I got my legs to work and went into the kitchen for a fresh garbage bag looking through cabinets and drawers for items I bought over the years. I continued to slowly wander but had to stop. The image of Rollie and Suni together kept polluting my consciousness. I wondered how long it would plague me.

In the living room, I left the apartment key on the message pad by the phone. I wrote ‘Kiki’s key,’ without further comment. I put some small African figures I bought him into the garbage bag. A photo of us together on vacation in New England hit the bag, too. I would destroy the photo later and use the frame again someday. The photo reminded me to go to the refrigerator where there were many photos I missed a few minutes earlier.

On the fridge door was a photo of me, Rollie, and Suni. I pulled it from under the magnet securing it and used the kitchen shears to deftly excise myself from the photo, then replaced it. I continued to remove items from the apartment tied to me. With clothes, knick-knacks, and photos in tow, I left Rollie’s place for the last time.

My next stop was the Engineering Building.

     I thought I may as well clean out my equipment locker there. Normally, I wouldn’t go near the place this late on a Friday, but the semester was over and I was done with Purdue. Not that my current troubles had anything to do with that fine Big Ten institution.

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