Sinbad's Homecoming ePUB

By Toni V. Sweeney

The sh’en Singhs are coming home!

One by one, Sinbad and his sons return to Felida after the Terro-Severani War to the hope of a peaceful civilian life.

In the midst of startling rearrangements in his family’s structure and the budding of post-war romances, Sin finds the conflict’s brutal memories striking too close to home. One person’s refusal to let go of the past transforms him into a man whose desire for vengeance reveals a startling cruelty no one could have expected.

All Sinbad’s strength as the leader of the Clan sh’en Singh will be brought into play as he’s forced to make a heartbreaking decision and stand in judgment on one of his own.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


The Devil’s Cypher was the first sh’en Singh ship to be discharged from the war, arriving at the docking station four weeks after the Armistice, having been disarmed and restored to its former status as a civilian shipping vessel.

Drew was waiting at the hangar when the shuttle landed. As Adam disembarked and accepted a heartfelt welcome from Alda March, he saw the solitary figure standing at the entrance, the wind gently rustling the skirts of his Felidan robes.

“Drew!” He ran to his half-brother, throwing his arms around him. “Oh, damn, kid, it’s good to see you.”

Adam released his younger sibling, his attention riveted to his little brother’s head.

“Damn, Drew. What happened to your hair? You look like a weanling.”

“Don’t laugh.” Self-consciously, Drew touched the short curls. Nowhere on his head was a hair over three inches long, bright and fiery as copper springs, little ringlets forming at the nape of his neck and in front of his ears. “You don’t know how long it took me to grow this much.”

“No matter. You look great.” Adam touched his chin, turning his head and inspecting his face critically. “Lucky, too. Only one scar.”

“Yeah.” Drew brushed fingers against the half-inch circle of puckered tissue on his left cheek. “I blubbered like a baby one time too many. The burn bandages got wet, didn’t adhere.” He looked serious. “I was very lucky, Adam.”

“I’ll say. While we were out there ending the war, you were here, dazzling the females with your tales of heroism and bravery and showing off that scar…”

“I haven’t been too active in that department,” Drew mumbled.

“Why not?” Something in his brother’s expression startled him. “Hell, kid, you weren’t...injured...anywhere?”

“Nothing like that.” Drew looked sheepish. “It’s just...well, I’m waiting until my body-fur grows back before I seek a female.”

He studied his sandals. Adam was startled to see a faint slash of pink in his brother’s cheeks.

“I’m totally bare, Adam. Just a little fuzz here and there,” Drew whispered. “It’s taking a long time to grow.”

“Damn, Drew. How long have you been home? When you do get a female, you’d better be careful. You’re liable to have a lot stored up.”

That made Drew laugh.

Adam joined in, studying his brother’s face, glad he’d gotten proper treatment so he recovered without being disfigured. Thank God he hadn’t been a battlefield injury, unable to be reached quickly, or had to be treated under fire while waiting for evacuation to safety.

Time and location had definitely been in Drew’s favor.

Estrella emerged from the shuttle, Alda March taking her hand to help her out. She was wearing one of the dresses Adam bought her, a bright vermillion gown making her dark eyes and golden skin glow.

“Who’s that?” Drew looked past him, staring at the girl.

“Estrella?” Adam called, holding out his hand.

     She ran to him, placing her own in it.

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