Sinbad's Last Voyage ePUB

By Toni V. Sweeney

Once more, Earth is at war…and this conflict also affects both the innocent and the guilty, sending Andrea Talltress to Old Town, seeking the help of part-feline smuggler Sinbad sh’en Singh in finding her husband Tran, an accused spy.
What she gets instead is exposure to a way of life completely unknown to the naïve Navajo, a clash of personalities and cultures, plus a heavy dose of instant attraction building to unexpectedly passionate love denied by either of them.

Encountering old friends and one very deadly old enemy with a score to settle, Sinbad takes Andi halfway across the galaxy, uncovering a secret which may shatter the war-torn Federation as well as their own lives.

When all’s said and done, Andi and Sin will acknowledge that the duration of love is unimportant…its existence is what matters.

Genre: Space Opera, Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

Indian George kicked the big sorrel into a grudging gallop. The animal was old and fat and didn’t like to run, much less travel along a mud-rutted dirt road. A slow, hoof-dragging amble was its preferred speed.

I should’ve taken the Jeep, dang it.

The vehicle might be rusty and antiquated, but it would have gotten him to his destination quicker than the horse. Like most Naturals, however, George never used an automobile if he could help it.

Anyway, the Jeep was for long distances and emergencies. While this was definitely an emergency, the Talltrees’ farm was next door to his own and the sorrel could take the road much easier than an ancient contraption with a primitive internal combustion engine. Its wheels actually touched the ground, and would hit every pothole and dip in sight.

“Git, you nag!” He gave the sorrel’s withers a slap with his hand. “Or it’s the processing plant for you.”

The sorrel didn’t move a bit faster. If anything, it seemed to move slower at his threat.

George wondered if it was aware horses were an Endangered Domestic Speciesand knew it was protected by the Federation itself.

~ * ~

An hour earlier, George had heard of Tran’s arrest.

In the three days since an Albegensian warship fired upon a Terran deep-space freighter, blasting it to micro-particles with all hands on board, all Albegensi in Earth residence were being taken into custody and detained for questioning in accordance with Standard Procedure in times of Global Martial Emergency.

Tran was one of the unfortunates.

George was old enough to have lived through two wars between Earth and its neighbors, so he was aware what might happen to Tran now. None of it would be pleasant.

At the moment, however, his concern was for the welfare of Tran’s wife and son who were alone at the farm.

~ * ~

Turning the sorrel’s head, he guided it through the gate, pulling it to a stiff-legged and grateful halt before the farmhouse. The animal snorted and stretched against the reins, attempting to reach the short grass growing in the front yard…as if needing to make up for the meal it missed by taking its owner on this unexpected trip.

The Talltrees’ home was a small wooden building, every plank and nail placed by hand over one hundred and twenty years before by Ramon Talltrees, great-grandfather of Tran’s wife, Andrea. Like the other inhabitants of the valley, Ramon had been Navajo by birth, Native American to the region where he lived, but a Natural by choice, living as his ancestors had centuries before, with as few contemporary conveniences, and their accompanying pollution, as possible.

     On the porch’s top step sat a slim, dark boy, arms resting against his knees. He didn’t look up as George scrambled off the sorrel’s back and dropped the reins, but stared listlessly across the field beyond the fence. At first glance, because of the blue-black sheen of his braided hair, he might’ve been mistaken for one of George’s people, but the slight slant to his brown eyes marked him as Albegensi…



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