Sinbad's Pride PDF

By Toni V. Sweeney

Being a family man doesn’t mean life’s over.

Sinbad sh’en Singh returns to his former occupation, with help from a loophole in Felida’s treaty…which means the Federation can’t do a thing about it.

The Fed may not be a threat, but wife Andi is. She doesn’t want a smuggler for a husband. Domestic bliss is a thing of the past.

Things get even rockier when two of the pride chiefs offer their daughters as concubines to the pride chief’s heir. It’ll take a great deal of sweet talk to make Andi agree to that!

Then there’s that smuggler who received Sin’s territories, and won’t give them up without a fight…

…and a new leaf is discovered on Sin’s empty family tree.

Overconfident as always, Sin’s sure he can handle it all…except for Andi. Bringing her around will be his biggest challenge.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


Amir-Kasdan was worried. He was about to commit an act which, if it succeeded, would change his life forever…perhaps, the most important step he’d ever taken. He was on the way to his grandsire’s Pride House to meet with his cousin Andrew, to ask to be bonded to Andrew’s daughter, N’Sagar.

No matter that the young lady was still a cub of six months and Amir-Kasdan a grown male approaching his thirty-fifth year. Such unions weren’t uncommon on Felida, being consummated when the female reached breeding age. Usually a bonding wasn’t done quite so early, however. Kas was aware of this but knew he couldn’t wait. He had to make his desires known before some pride chief noticed the promise of N’Sagar’s infant beauty and demanded her for one of his sons.

As the second of two surviving grandsons of Prime Pride chief Murad sh’en Singh, he hoped any claims he might make would be given precedence over all others.

As far as his cousin Andrew was concerned…

Kas had no doubt Andrew would agree to the bonding. How his Terran wife might react would be another matter. Andrea liked him, but having affection for a relative-by-law, and receiving that same relative as a future son-in-law, was quite another matter.

For that reason alone, he was understandably nervous as he paused before the huge, silver-banded abrawood door forming the entrance to Grandsire’s home.

Anxiously, he brushed a hand over his chest as if assuring himself he was dressed appropriately.

He needn’t have worried.

For the occasion, Kas had prepared himself as custom required, in full ceremonial dress—black leather knee boots and black trousers, a gleaming white shirt of Tyrean silk with a quilted tunic studded with diamontium brilliants. Twin dagger belts holding eight-inch blades crossed his chest—weapons Kas as a Healer would never use, and over it all, his marten fur hooded cloak, offering warmth and protection from Felida’s blistering winter cold. He’d painted the sacred symbols of a prospective suitor on his face and hands, a true sign of the sincerity of his actions, for Kas hated body paint as much as he detested all manner of ritual. He’d also tied back his wild black mane so the mate’s-ring in his left ear was clearly visible.

At the moment, it seemed to burn his earlobe.

Taking a deep breath, he seized the clawed silver doorknocker.

To the sound of its metallic strike, a servant swung it open, saying in surprise, “Master Kas? Did you forget your key?”

She looked even more confused when he stated haltingly, “I-I wish...t-to see Master Andrew McAllister, grandson and heir to the noble Murad, Prime Pride chief of Khurda. Tell him Amir-Kasdan sh’en Singh awaits audience with him.”

     The woman, a female of the AzBhan servant caste, swallowed her astonishment and ushered him inside, bidding him wait in the family salon while she fetched Master Andrew.



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