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Sinbad's War
By Toni V. Sweeney

Sinbad sh’en Singh, smuggler-turned-shipping magnate, has finally settled down.

Knee-deep in sons and grandchildren, and with the use of his legs restored through micro-surgery, he’s content to tend to his business and his family and nothing more…until a Federation emissary arrives announcing the Fed is again at war, this time with an enemy whose dedication to conquest has no limits.

Nils van Lewen has been sent to obtain sh’en Singh Shipping’s darters for its nearly destroyed fleet. Not surprisingly, he’s refused, until Felida is attacked and the casualties include Sin’s beloved Andi and new daughter Milagra, and son Adam’s wife, Shalimar.

Enlisting in the Air Guard, Sinbad and his sons find themselves facing challenges none of them expected, but one thing’s certain…

The galaxy is about to discover there’s nothing quite so dangerous as a Felidan who’s lost his mate.

Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera/Science Fiction Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / Mobi (Kindle format) / POD print
Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

Khurda Province, Felida

 For two years, Kas had come to the foot of the stone steps leading to the abbey, every day kneeling to once again beg his God and the gods of Felida to return his wife to him, to give him back his N’Sagar who’d disappeared inside those walls when her sins drove her from his arms. Forsaking his oath as a physician, he abandoned his patients, sending them to the care of the good brothers at the abbey hospital. He neglected his grandchild, giving Crystal’s upbringing to his cousin Andrew. The only thing in his life, his only concern, was that she come back to him.

 When the winds changed and it began to rain and then the winter snows fell, Father Abram sent one of the friars to shelter him under a weather-shield, throwing a blanket about his bowed shoulders. When Andrew learned he neither ate nor slept, he had one of his own servants come nightly to lead his cousin away, taking him to the now-deserted house where he was fed and bathed, his clothing changed, and then returned to his solitary vigil.

No matter the weather or the season, he was there, kneeling in the dirt at the foot of the steps. It seemed Amir-Kasdan sh’en Singh had been there forever, so long in fact, neither the villagers nor the friars now paid him any mind, accepting his presence as commonplace, as if he were part of the abbey itself, like one of the tall, weathered trees growing around it.

~ * ~

“Will he never give up?” At his office window on the third story, the Order’s monastarion spoke impatiently as he looked down at the kneeling figure. His slitted eyes narrowed.

“He loves her, Holy Father,” Brother Celus answered. “Though perhaps you and I can’t understand that kind of love.”

“Speak for yourself, Celus.” Smiling, Father Abram turned to his secretary, shaking his braided mane. “I’ve had my share of carnal pleasures—oh, don’t look so shocked—and paid high penance for them, too. I can sympathize with what Dr. sh’en Singh’s going through, though I truly never found one female making me want to completely forsake my vows.”

He looked out the window again.

“He’s getting to be a bother. Rumors are circulating. The villagers are beginning to wonder if we’re forcing the female to stay here. Something must be done.”

“Not only that, the hospital’s overrun,” Celus added. “The brothers are working overtime since Dr. sh’en Singh no longer practices medicine. They’ve too many patients. They say they can’t give everyone proper care.”

“Tell me again why she came here.” Abram turned away from the window, seating himself in the large, throne-like chair behind his desk. “Something about an alien priest being killed, wasn’t it?”

     “A friar, sir…Brother Philip,” Brother Celus explained. “She blamed herself. You know about the scandal, Holy One? How she married Dr. sh’en Singh, then slept with his son, producing a cub from their affair.”

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