Sinbad's Wife ePUB

Sinbad's Wife
By Toni V. Sweeney

Wedding bells may be ringing for former smuggler Sinbad sh'en Singh and his beloved Andrea, but Happily Ever After will not be part of their future. Before the chimes die away, a young stranger appears claiming to be Sin's son, then Sin succumbs to the illness overshadowing their lives. There’s aid available, but the only surgeon who can save him refuses to operate unless Andi becomes his mistress.

That’s Choice #1.

When Dr. DuPont takes Andi off-planet while her husband recovers, they fly directly into an attack by renegade slave-traders. Andi becomes a prime candidate for the slave pits of Bel-Ammon, until the slavers' leader decides to keep her for himself.

Now Andi has another choice to make. Some may not agree with the steps she takes but all she can think of is keeping herself alive...even if she never sees her beloved Sinbad again.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1

Six Months before

Andi had been up for hours.

She was in the kitchen, making breakfast. Having taken the toast from the broiler and placed it on the warming board, beaten the eggs and scrambled them to a golden froth alongside crispy bacon, she filled the blue spatter-enamel boiler with water for the oatmeal. Briskly stirring in salt and butter, she wished for the hundredth time she either had eight hands to do all her chores or the Council would relax their restrictions on modern conveniences so she could buy a microwave stove and a clothes sanitizer like the one she saw in Old Town the night Sin hid her from the marshals sent to arrest her.

God, what a night that had been. Andi let her memories distract her from her chores. I was worried about Tran, afraid the marshals would find me, and frightened out of my wits by that gigantic catlike creature into whose hands I entrusted my safety.

Now that same creature lay upstairs in her bed…her lover, her man, the father of the baby sleeping in the playpen before the kitchen hearth.

As usual, she’d gotten up at five-thirty, trying not to wake Sin but failing, of course. He always came awake the moment she left the bed, raising himself on one elbow to lean against the headboard and watch her dress.

As she went into the hall, he returned to his own room, closing the door quietly so it wouldn’t disturb Acashi, Andi’s son, who slept next door. Andi told him that was foolish, when everyone knew they were sleeping together, but Sin insisted.

For appearance’s sake, he said and because she loved him and knew she wouldn’t have him much longer, Andi humored him and remade the bed he slept in less than an hour a night.

She knew he wanted his sleeping with her to be legal, sanctioned by God, the Fed, and anyone who mattered. Though she’d promised him after Allan was born that she’d marry him, once recovered from the birth, she refused to set a date for the wedding, finding one excuse after another not to do so.

He demanded to know why. Andi had no answer. How could she tell him, when she couldn’t explain it to herself?

She loved Sin, would love him forever, but she was afraid to marry him. Remembering the fifteen years of happiness she’d had with Tran, destroyed by his arrest and the discovery he was truly a spy as he’d been accused, Andi now associated marriage with loss. She didn’t want to marry another man whom the marshals could take away, especially since that would make Sin’s death come quicker than it was going to. Subconsciously, she was trying to lengthen his life by not marrying him.

     The food for Cash and herself cooked and transferred to plates also placed on the warming board, she began preparing Sin’s breakfast.

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