Sinner PDF

Book 1 of The kan Ingan Archives
Part 2 of The Arcanian Chronicles

By Toni V. Sweeney

Aric kan Ingan had it all.
Pampered and spoiled, he had been groomed since the age of twelve to be heir to the throne of Arcanis…until his uncle surprised everyone by falling in love with an Earthwoman.
Headstrong and beautiful, Elizabeth Sheffield had never met a man she couldn’t wrap around her little finger…until she met Aric. The vengeful former heir and the margrave’s bride are instant enemies, trading threats and insults, until Fate gives their feud an unexpected complication and makes them fall in love.
While Aric and Elizabeth engage in their passionate but illicit affair, other forces in the kingdom are gathering for a more sinister alliance, conspiring rebellion and murder…
…with Aric as the not-so-innocent pawn.

Genre: SciFi Romance

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


The Elders’ Council Room

Aljansur Castle

Aljansur, Arcanis


The reason behind Arcanis’ policy of isolationism regarding the Solar System was such common knowledge the most inattentive schoolboy could recite the story quite readily. Conversely, the intrigues played out before that policy was done away with and the betrayals coming afterward were carried out in the strictest secrecy.

They had once sent a delegation to that unnamed planet in the star system X97B, the only one showing evidence of sustaining life, expecting to find angelic inhabitants in the green paradise’s lushness. Instead, they were set upon by a band of naked apelike creatures who promptly beat two of their members to death with clubs and proceeded to devour them.

Being on a peace mission, the crew had no more defense than their personal weapons, and, though their retaliation killed more than two of the beings, they saw no need to further risk the lives of the remaining men. The mission had already lost them their crown prince and his cousin.

Their grief-stricken ruler agreed.

From his stronghold in Aljansur, the capital of Arcanis, the margrave decreed no one from the Emeraunt Galaxy would again endanger his life by doing so. They would wait until the creatures reached a stage of development in which they could receive alien visitors in a benign manner.

It took longer than they expected.

Two millennia and several hundred margraves later, in fact, and that was why, as soon as the present ruler made his decision to once more contact the third planet from the sun X97B, now called by its inhabitants Terra, the Council of Elders called a secret meeting.

Not that they had much hope of changing his mind.

Deröés III had been king since the age of eight, after his father, an unassuming man perfectly content never to leave the planet, died as quietly as he had lived.

As expected, the elders stepped in, declared themselves the young monarch’s guardians, and made the boy a figurehead. That lasted until the eve of Deröés’ thirteenth birthday when he called them together, declared their authority over him null and void, and relegated them to their original position as counselors to the Throne and nothing more.

The margrave and his advisors had been at odds ever since.

It was quickly driven home to the twelve men that one might ask, one might suggest, one might even cajole or beg, but one never, ever told the adult Deröés kan Ingan what he could or could not do. He seemed determined to prove his name, meaning He who is easily lead, in Arcanian, was definitely a misnomer.

The latest example of this was his announcement a few days earlier that he was sending a delegation to that planet the Emeraunt had quarantined from outside communication for the last three thousand years, and he himself would lead the party.

In a long, narrow room whose windows looked out over the road to Aljansur City, the council now attempted to formulate a protest to the margrave’s decision.

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