The Story Of A Peace Loving Man PDF

The Adventures of Sinbad Series Book 1

By Toni V. Sweeney

Against the background of an interplanetary war comes the story of Allan McAllister and N’Sagar sh’en Singh.

He is an 18-year-old Terran, forced into military service to punish his treasonous kinsman, she the 16-year-old Felidan female he meets and loves.

Thrown together, then torn from each other by the aftermath of a war neither wanted, their love will be a tragedy and a triumph as a man sworn to walk the road of Peace is made to follow the dictates of War and accept its consequences.

This is their story...

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


What the hell am I doing here?” Allan Malcolm McAllister grunted the question through gritted teeth as he flung himself face-down in the mud and inched forward under the horizontal klelvin beams.

Johanssen!” The DI’s voice rapped out from the edge of the light field. “Get your butt down before you burn yourself a new ass-hole!”

The recruit being addressed burrowed deeper into the mud, removing the specified portion of his anatomy from harm. There was little chance of any of them being involved in ground combat but these anachronistic obstacle courses of mud, stone barricades, and wooden barriers as well as hand-to-hand fighting, were still part of the grubs’ training, along with more modern tactics such as laser gunnery, and for those making the grade, space-to-land fighting and piloting an FAS Eagle.

Allan’s question was merely a voicing aloud of his dismay. He knew the reason he was here.

He was paying for his uncle’s crime, though he couldn’t find fault with what Egan Rand had done. If he’d been merely a war protester, the Fed might’ve ignored him as they had others, but Rand’s arguments against the Felidan War encouraged hundreds of citizens to make their way to neutral, non-Federation member countries like Middle Africa and the Finnish Peninsula to avoid the Conscript. Because of that, his uncle was a declared traitor, and Allan, as the only known male relative of Egan Rand, Paxist, though himself registered as an HD, a Hostilities Disapprover, now found himself a Federation draftee.

Given the chance, he’d have run away, too, but there hadn’t even been time to pack a bag before the Conscriptors were banging at the door and dragging him away.

He cleared the last beam and stopped crawling, raising his head. A pair of combat boots swam into his muddy view. Allan looked up the fatigue-clothed body and at the DI’s face and the smirk on the camouflaged-smeared features. Behind him, the rest of the company huddled together, their expressions a single one of collective apprehension for what was going to happen next.

“Glad you could join us, McAllister.” The sarcasm was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Allan pulled himself from the mud’s suction and clambered to his feet, being careful not to use the stock of the LX-15 to steady himself. If he misused his weapon, that’d make whatever Horton was planning even worse. He slipped once in the slimy semi-solid, going down on one knee before regaining his balance.

“You might like to know if this were a real combat situation,” the DI went on, spitting out each word as if he couldn’t bear to have them in his mouth. “Your buddies here would be long gone, and you’d either be dead or a prisoner of war by now.”

Allan didn’t answer, jaw muscles rigid to keep the angry retort from escaping.

“Got anything to say for yourself, soldier?” came the expected question in that sweet-as-poison drawl. The sarge was a Southerner, deep-swamp Georgian and proud of it.



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