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By Icy Snow Blackstone

Where do you go when nowhere on Earth is safe?

You leave the planet, of course.

That’s exactly what Katherine Rawls does when she witnesses a murder and finds herself with two hit men on her trail. Boarding a ship transporting women as Domestics to a pioneering planet seems the best escape route. Katy figures she’ll just lie low for a while, then come back and turn the evidence over to the authorities. She doesn’t count on finding herself bought and paid for…as a station owner’s bride.

Now, Katy has a danger of another kind to face. Sarkin Trant may be sympathetic to her predicament and he’s agreed to protect her, but he also expects full husbandly benefits in return.

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Futuristic Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of Three Moon Station by Icy Snow Blackstone
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Chapter 1

If the electronic sensors hadn’t opened the doors as Katy rushed toward them, she would’ve crashed head-first into the double-plated plexiglass, probably fracturing her skull, possibly killing herself, and thereby saving the two gunmen behind her the trouble. As it was, the double doors slid open at her approach and she ran outside onto the sidewalk, looked skyward for a taxi, then bolted up the street as the doors closed again, momentarily trapping her pursuers inside. Thanks goodness for small favors.

It was difficult running in high heels. If she’d been somewhere else, she might’ve kicked them off, but the thought of being barefoot on August-heated polyconcrete wasn’t an inviting one, even in her present state of mind. Next time I run for my life, remind me to wear jogging shoes.

She saw the hover cab ramp and mounted the steps two at a time. Reaching the platform, she slapped a hand on the dome of the transmitter, causing it to signal that here was a passenger requiring immediate transportation.

Within a minute, an Independent appeared, its red and black checkerboard doors blatantly informing everyone its owner was non-Union. Docking beside the platform, its back door swung open as the driver spoke the phrase unchanged in four centuries. “Where to, Miss?”

Katy scrambled inside as the two men burst through the doors, one of them sighting her as she fell onto the seat and the hatch slammed shut. The driver repeated his question.

For a moment, she couldn’t think. Where do I want to go?

“Got to have a destination, ma’am,” the driver prompted.

She peered through the back window. The two men were running in the opposite direction but her thought that they’d given up disappeared as they reached a sleek and deadly-looking Federation Motors Cannon parked at the curb.

“Ma’am?” the driver said again. “Meter’s running.”

“T-the terminal.” She made her decision. “Hurry.”

“Going to catch a shuttle?” The cab pulled away from the platform and soared to Speeding Height, some forty feet above the pavement. The driver bent to punch the coordinates into the minute GPS set into the cab’s dashboard.

Katy didn’t answer, continuing looking over her shoulder. The men were inside the car. In a second they’d be after her again. She wondered if the cab was fitted with laser-proof glass as the Federation Board of Automotive Safety recommended. Probably not. Neither the cab nor its driver looked as if they would ever have enough fares to afford laser-proofing.

A bus floated into position behind the cab, hiding it from the black car’s sight.

“Y-yes!” Belatedly, she answered his question, fear causing her to stutter. “I-I have to catch a-a s-shuttle and I’m late. Please…please, hurry!”

“Going to Emergency Height, ma’am.” The driver pointed the cab’s nose upward. It climbed to a high-speed level of forty-five feet and banked left at the next stoplight, merging into traffic which was relatively heavy for this early in the afternoon.

 Katy looked back again. Far behind them, the black car zoomed past the corner where the cab had turned, crossed the intersection and sailed straight ahead. Sighing, she leaned back. She’d lost them. For the moment.

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