Blood Will Freeze MobiPocket

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

When an asteroid decimates the human population, the survivors fall prey to vampires newly-awakened by the devastation.

In the following struggle, the planet is divided among the strongest Undead until only two remain. Locked in a battle for domination of the Earth itself, European leader Celadon Korbel and Alixandra Pavlovna, Queen of the Americas, are now masters of the last remnants of humanity.

It’s bloody and brutal war and there can be only one victor, but what neither vampire ruler knows is that one of their human slaves has his own agenda and a definite plan to slant the outcome in the humans’ favor.

Dark Fantasy/Horror

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

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Chapter 1

   “It’s snowing.” Michael made the statement as if this were something new, as if the snow hadn’t been falling continually for more years than he could count. Seizing the thick cloth panels shielding the windows, he separated them with a jerk, revealing twilight-like gloom outside.

“It’s always snowing.” Without lifting her head from the pillow, Alixandra looked toward the window. Her voice was a shadow within a shadow, darker and softer than the night hovering outside. Her eyes, however, were only for Michael.

She didn’t care what the scene beyond the protective glass held. It could be blazing with flames or a single sheet of ice and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

“I know, but earlier it seemed to slacken.” Once again, his answer revealed that absurd glimmer of hope, the long-held belief that during his lifetime, the sun would shine again. He looked up at the falling flakes, pale light shining on a face just as pallid. “I thought…”

He’s so beautiful. Alix felt a violent twisting inside, of lust or love or some other unaccustomed emotion, so strong it hurt like a knife being plunged into her vitals. She knew exactly what it was. That familiar desire to have his body pressed against hers, to seize and fling him onto the bed and take him as she might any other human. If only I could force my will upon him.

That was a useless wish, of course. Michael was the only one of the herd who could resist her.

Why? Damn it! Why is the one man I want born a Freelie?

~ * ~

Into every fortieth generation since the fall into frozen darkness accompanying that long-threatened Armageddon, there was born one whom vampires called a Free One, a human able to defy his Undead masters. The trait was genetic, and while the first discovered were quickly disposed of by simply tossing them into the frozen Outside, their unborn offspring sometimes were not detected. Eventually reason argued a food source shouldn’t be wasted, not even one who might fight back. Their captors needed all the meager supply of humans they could gather.

     Admitting their mistake (and perhaps making an even greater one), they allowed the Freelies to live, while their revenant masters silently gave thanks such creatures in their most overt form appeared only once every seven hundred years. That meant there had only been seven Freelies born out of the entire population thus far. As far as Alix was concerned, that was six too many…until Michael appeared.

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