Callisto Moon POD Print

By Crystal Crichlow

Rose Petals. White Lilies. Earth Movers. Dark Warriors. These are the four races that reside on Callisto, a moon billions of miles away. They have never seen war, felt what it’s like to grow old, get sick or die. Callisto Moon blessed them with immortality. It sustains life for all eternity, not death. But that was all going to change…on Callie’s wedding day. Callisto Moon is a place of love, and in the end, love will be the only thing that saves her.

Young Adult/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1

A New World


     The darkness closed around us like a fist, sealing off any hope that we were going to make it out of this nightmare alive. Our small spacecraft shook back and forth like a boat. I was trying to imagine myself back home on Callisto Moon

but for the life of me I couldn’t picture it. I only heard the engine of our ship fighting to keep us up. I only saw the darkness that would bring us certain death. I felt nothing but fear. Jack and I soared through the big black sky at unimaginable speeds, dodging meteors as they barreled toward us like they were on their own secret mission to knock us out of our path to safety. Their jagged edges of death missed our ship by inches. The fear crippled me. I wasn’t used to feeling such terror.

“Where are we going?” I asked Jack, a fellow Rose Petal from our planet, although the answer was obvious.

I could see the vibrant blues of its oceans against the vast back-drop of space. My head was spinning in circles.

For a moment I forgot why we were doing this, why we were in the silent abyss. I fought to hold onto my memories. When did we board this ship? The last things I can recall were bombs, chaos and lots and lots of blood. I don’t tell this to Jack. I could hardly explain it to myself. Even more, I knew that I was angry with him, but I can’t remember why.

Have I been poisoned? It’s not like that matters anyway. It’s clear that landing is going to be tricky and when I say tricky, I mean deadly.

“Earth,” Jack yelled back to me.

It’s so beautiful I almost forgot the horrors  awaiting us there. Earth was the last place in the universe I wanted to take refuge. I’d heard horror stories of the crimes, murders and hatred committed by these microscopic humans who disregard life…who lack the comprehension to understand it.

Earth people fight over land and borders, they enslave one another over race, experiment and kill the beautiful beasts that fly and walk…wear them, eat them. My mom told me it was easier for them to pretend  those creatures felt no pain than to accept the harsh reality that they were monsters, plain and simple. It’s been said their planet would not be destroyed by the sun’s rays or by some streaking comet. They were depleting the land’s natural resources and not because they didn’t know better. Their hearts were filled with greed, and the air is thick with pollution, thick enough to make us sick. It’s a miracle they survived this long.

Our moon was nothing like that. Our race only knew peace, love. I couldn’t fathom being a part of their civilization. No! This wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to go home.



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