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By Jack Frost

Private Investigator Jake Coleman provides payback to the mob as he kidnaps Bruno Marinello. Coleman’s foray into Louisiana politics continues as he strives to prove his late mentor, General Cornelius McNeely, Jr. didn’t father an illegitimate child.

Coleman’s best friend, Gator, in south Louisiana and the search for the shooter brings Jake into contact with many interesting characters.

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Simon Nightingale

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Author: Jack Frost

Chapter 1


Eyes closed, the worshipers waved their hands above their heads, many holding worn and well-used Bibles.

“How many of you are in need of hope today?” asked the Rev. Dr. Billy Joe Anthony of his faithful flock.

“Me, Lord,” someone answered.

“I am,” another chimed in.

“How many of you are at the ends of your ropes?”


“Praise God.”

“How many of you are ready to turn your lives and souls over to the Lord?”

They answered in unison that they were ready.

“I need you to join me in cleansing our state like Jesus did as He cast out the moneychangers in the temple.I need you to spread the word that the soldiers cast lots at the feet of Jesus as He died on the cross.Will you join me?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” the crowd chanted.

“This will give you hope.This will make you use that rope that you are at the end of to climb up from the pit of despair, and your life will reflect your love of the Lord. Together we can rid our society of the evil of gambling that is making a cesspool of our great state of Louisiana.Are you with me?”

The crowd roared their approval.

“Let us pray.”

The Rev. Dr. Billy Joe Anthony went down on one knee.His eyes squeezed tightly shut.His right hand was raised into the air, his left hand held a black Bible. Sweat poured down his face.A spotlight from above placed him in a circle against the surrounding darkness.An unseen choir hummed What A Friend We Have In Jesus.

“God Jesus, Lord of my soul.We come to you tonight as your humble servants. Lord Jesus, we pray for your blessings to rain down upon us.”

“Amen,” shouted the crowd.“Amen.”

“As we leave this sanctified arena, let us go forth and spread your Word.Walk with us, Lord.Guide our tongues to speak to others in your Holy Name.”

“Amen,” roared the crowd.“Amen.”

“You showed us the way to salvation, now let us share that glorious rapture.Let us lead others to the way of the Lord.Let us beat back the evils of gambling that are stealing the souls of our people, evils that are taking bread from the mouths of babes, evils emptying the pocketbooks of the less fortunate, evils making addicts of those who set foot in casinos and video poker parlors.”

“Amen, Brother Anthony, Amen!”

     “All this we pray in the name of Jesus.”

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