Sinbad's Triumph ePUB

By Toni V. Sweeney

Breaking his promise to wife Andi, Sinbad sh’en Sigh makes Felida into a smuggler’s paradise. Then the Federation spoils his fun by declaring his efforts a legitimate enterprise. With the tap of a computer pad, he’s legal…much to his dismay.

Not wanting to upset this particular applecart, Sin allows the status to stay quo, until an old rival threatens his newly-acquired territories. The resulting war exacts a terrible price. Andi will face the most difficult challenge of her life when Sin crashes his ship and doesn't walk away from the wreckage.

In the aftermath, the Clan sh’en Singh will have to survive more than their pride chief’s disability as scandal, murder, and a returning prodigal bring more grief to a family already burdened to overflowing.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


The Home of Dr. Ami-Kasdan sh’en Singh

Khurda Province, Felida


Frost reached for the framed lasergraph on his dresser. Before placing it in his kit, he glanced at the little image, studying it silently.

The picture was engraved on a thin sheet of metal laminated to a genuine wooden base, a graphic of Amir-Kasdan sh’en Singh and the woman known only as Saydee. It was the only image the boy had of his mother, taken shortly before she and his father left Terra.

~ * ~

They had been sitting in the Asteroid Cantina when an itinerant laser artist wandered in.

With no tourists in the cantina, this one seemed out of place. Generally, those types only trailed after tourists infiltrating the once-forbidden thieves quarter. Snapping candid images of visitors and making certain a distinctive landmark was included, they hastily burned the pix onto metal plates with small but cheap portable fusing units carried in a backpack. No matter how bad or amateurish, the images sold quickly, everyone wanting proof of a visit to the infamous Old Town.

On a whim, Kas asked him to take their picture. He’d had no idea it would be the only one of him and the woman who became his concubine, and an object his son would forever treasure.

When Kas left Terra, he took Saydee with him. They had a passionate but short time together. When she told Kas she was pregnant, he thought himself the happiest man on the planet.

Two days after a surprisingly easy delivery, and in spite of everything Kas and the medic-priests from the abbey hospital could do, Saydee weakened and died.

~ * ~

…and left him to raise me alone. Frost thought about the time Kas found him perched on the window seat, looking up at the Pride House, the lasergraph in his hand.

~ * ~

“What’s the matter, son? You look unhappy.”

“I was thinking about Mother. Is it true she was a whore?”

“Who told you that?” Kas was immediately defensive. “How dare they?”

~ * ~

No one actually told him, but they always say eavesdroppers never hear anything good, don’t they?

He’d been in the garden of the Pride House. Aunt Andi, not knowing he was nearby, said to Uncle Andrew, “The day I walked into the Blue Owl and saw that prosti sitting on that barstool I never thought she’d become a member of my family.”

He knew she wasn’t being cruel because she’d often commented how much she liked Saydee.

Didn’t she take care of me after my mother died? Would she have done that if she wasn’t fond of my mother, too?

~ * ~

“Yes, it’s true.”

Frost was startled to hear no shame in his father’s voice as he admitted what the boy already knew. If anything, there was merely sadness.

    “I met her when I went to Terra on business for Andrew. I bought her for the night but the next day, I asked her to come to Felida with me because I didn’t want to leave her. I loved her, Frost.”

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