Escaping Jeremy POD Print

By Bob Young

While on her honeymoon, Cari shares with her new husband Bud the details of her life before they were dating in high school in 1943. In particular, she describes the complicated relationship she had with her history teacher during her sophomore year.

Jeremy Raines’ flamboyant classroom approach, use of piano music, and warm response to her excellent class participation pulls her into his inner circle.

Further complication of their relationship deepens when he assigns her to research the America First movement, active right up to the outbreak of the war. As a child who lost her father during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the America First movement is a jarring reality to Cari. The fact that Mr. Raines would push her to study it knowing her history only confuses her more.

Bud and Cari enjoy their honeymoon despite the disturbing episodes from her past. Bud loves her so deeply and has for so long that he takes Cari as she is and wants to go on with their life.

Their marriage is unexpectedly challenged when Jeremy Raines finds a way back into their lives and takes a frighteningly more vivid role in Cari’s adult life.

Genre: Historical Romance

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print
Author: Bob Young

Chapter 1



“This beach sure looked great in the moonlight last night, Bud,” I said as we walked hand in hand across Route 6 from our vacation cottage in Eastham on Cape Cod.

“Sure did, Ree, but I can’t wait to lay in the sun out here, too.”

“It’s nice that each cottage has a beach umbrella.”

“The cottage has everything we needed, simple as it is,” my new husband observed.

“So it’s looking like it will be a good honeymoon?” I asked, giving him a warm smile.

“Already is, Sugar Lamb. We’re alone,” he replied, smiling back and giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

Wagonman seemed like a project when I first got set up with him by Chaz and Irene our freshman year in high school. I could hardly get a word out of him, at first. He was tall, gangly, kinda stooped over in fear of me. In those days, I had more sass than six of my friends. But that big, goofy boy I first put up with in 1943, now after high school and four years of college, was a gorgeous man.

Our little cabin was on the west side of Route 6. On the east side of the road, there were no structures, just dunes, wild grass, vast sand beach, and an occasional lifeguard stand. It was the first week of August and the Cape was busy with sunbathers and beachcombers. The weather was perfect. The waves crashed lazily on the beach and a light breeze eased hot temperatures. It was early in the day, so we were the youngest sun worshippers we saw as we walked across the beach toward the water.

As Bud found us a spot to plant our umbrella and lay out our towels, I couldn’t help looking at him. He was 6 feet tall and lean, strong-looking and quick with a smile. He had blue eyes, wavy light-brown hair and a warm, upbeat personality. He was still quiet, compared to me, but when we were together, he was always actively affectionate.

“Do you want to lie here for a while or go right into the water?” Bud asked as we settled in the sand.

“I’d like to look perfect in this bathing suit for a little while before you dunk me in the waves,” I teased him.

In the summer of 1953, my two-piece suit might have been a bit daring. It was one of the splurges I had made for the honeymoon. When my husband allowed me to have clothes on during the honeymoon, my swimming suit would actually be this season. We were on Cape Cod, for heaven’s sake.

    As goofy as Bud might have looked in high school, he was attentive. From that first date, the thing that slowly and seductively drew me to him was how intimate he could be.

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