Essence Of Absinthe ePUB

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

The noble family of Vaurien has secrets, and one Étienne Vaurien and his wife have suppressed for twenty years is about to be discovered. Taking his family from France to escape the murmur of revolution places his son David in mortal danger.

A city may change but some things remain the same. Hatred and the desire for revenge are at the top of the list. David’s resemblance to Étienne’s deceased eldest son, Absinthe, is remarked upon by many but to one person it means more than a mere likeness of features.
Genevieve, Etienne’s abandoned mistress and Absinthe’s amour, has pined twenty years for her young lover. Now, she has a chance to get him back…and she isn’t going to let death stop her.
In a short time, David’s living body will house the spirit of a dead man who wants once again to live…and love.

Genre: Historical Period, Paranormal, Gay

Sensuality rating: 4

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


Château Vaurien

St-Nazaire, France

April, 1745


David Vaurien, le Vicomte Mauvais, was completing his prayers.

“Eternal Father, Thy Son has promised Thou wilt grant us all the graces for which we ask Thee in His name. Therefore, by the merits of Jesus Christ, I ask the following for myself and for all mankind and especially those whom I love…”

He had sought protection for his mother and father, his sister Dominique and his younger brother. He would’ve included his best friend also if at that moment, a thundering barrage upon the chapel door hadn’t told him Rouge was on the other side, demanding he take his attention away from the Lord and give it to him. He knew it was Rouge because it wasn’t the soft scratching of fingertips the servants employed. Therefore, he merely asked that Rouge be blessed and let it go at that.

“’Sinthe…are you in there? Absinthe?”

David ignored the call. “…in an especial manner. I recommend to Thee all who hate me, or who have in any way offended me; I beg of Thee to render them good for the evil they have done, or may wish to do me…”


The knocking grew louder, more insistent. He raised his voice, hoping to drown out the clamor.

“O Mary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me. Have him make Rouge realize how rude he’s being to the Lord.” David spoke hastily, with hurried guilt as if fearing the Lord might think him blasphemous for asking such.

Behind him, another battering began, echoing through the chapel’s quiet.

Looking up, David was certain he saw an abrupt shiver from one of the saints’ statues lining the walls.

If he doesn’t stop, he’ll make them topple and how will I explain that to Papa…or to the Lord?

“So-I-hope-so-may-it-be-amen.” David closed the prayer, with a strung-together rush he prayed wouldn’t be considered a sacrilege. Crossing himself and scrambling to his feet, he muttered, “Excusez-moi, Lord, one of your undisciplined flock is calling.”

He spun, hurrying down the red-carpeted aisle to the door. Throwing it open, he found Rouge with fist raised to deliver another shattering blow.

“I was nearly finished with prayer. You couldn’t wait?”

“Sorry, ’Sinthe.” Rouge didn’t look repentant, not at all, nor even apologetic.

“Haven’t I told you not to call me that where others might hear?” David glanced up and down the corridor as if expecting to see servants with their hands cupped to their ears.

“What does it matter? That name’s engraved on his tomb plate so all know who he is, as is my father’s. I don’t see…”

“Of course you don’t,” David snapped, letting his irritation briefly get the best of his good nature. “Do you ever see anything not concerning yourself?” He took a deep breath, explaining in a tone indicating he’d said this often. “Because it saddens my father to hear that soubriquet.”

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