Absinthe Eternal PDF

The Absinthe Trilogy Book 3

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

David Varine, star of Ghost Search International, a highly-rated supernaturally-themed reality show, is on assignment. At the request of the New Orléans Historical Society, he’s come to the Big Easy to prove the stately old mansion called Nouvel Espoir is haunted.
It’s said the spirit of Absinthe, accursed son of the original owner, haunts the mansion, with his lover, but David’s a skeptic. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, curses, and any of that ‘supernatural hogwash.’ He’s only in the ghost-hunting business for the money.
Once inside Nouvel Espoir, however, David’s skepticism rapidly disappears. There are too many odd things happening, things he can’t ignore. When his cameraman arrives, the two will be forced to face whatever walks the mansion by night.
Absinthe wants something from them…but what…?

Genre: Contemporary Gothic Horror

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Chapter 1


…Shortly after our crew departed, Robert Ellis disappeared. Though we had no tangible evidence of supernatural activity, the search and discovery of his body in an abandoned covered well on the property is well documented by police reports, news and TV stories. A coroner’s inquest revealed he hadn’t drowned. Indeed, no actual cause of death could be discovered. It appeared his heart simply stopped. The final verdict was Death by Natural Causes but neighbors thought otherwise. Robert Ellis had stated his family was cursed; something wanted to wipe them out. He was the last one alive. Now he wasn’t…so whatever it was had succeeded. Ghost Search may not have proven Ellis House was haunted, but no one dares set foot on the property anymore…

Feeling like Carl Kolchak in that opening sequence of The Nightstalker, I tapped the final dot in the ellipsis and leaned back, staring at the screen.

No eerie music followed, which was just as well.

As far as I was concerned, the Ellis House investigation was a failure…with neither a groan, not a howl, nor a single bump in the night. And then, as soon as all cameras and recording equipment were miles away, our host, who’d eagerly welcomed us, was entirely cooperative during our stay, and saw us on our way in disappointment, was dead.

I’ve no doubt he’d been done in by the so-called Ellis Curse that pursued the family from Wales two centuries before. The problem is, there was no proof, except for the inordinate number of deaths, both natural and unnatural, in the family from the time they arrived in the US.

“…and our lack of evidence, as well as your death, Robert, is going to win us an Emmy,” I murmured, not feeling in the least guilty about wringing a victory out of the assignment’s defeat at the expense of capitalizing on Ellis’ supposed murder by supernatural means.

Now to get my little gem on its way, and on to bigger and better things.

Pulling up the boss’ name from my address book, I typed “Ellis House” in the subject line, and “Here it is,” in the body of the e-mail, attached the document, and sent it to managing editor Patrick Winchell for approval.

From Patrick’s office, it would go to the inner-workings, where my report would be fashioned into screenplay format…through Editing where the contents would be proofed for grammatical and writing errors, confirmation of facts, perhaps tweaked into a more dramatic composition, then forwarded to Composing for someone other than its author to transform it into a TV script.

After being put into that ‘entertaining form,’ a film editor would give film clips and stills his expert attention, merging, splicing, inserting, and fitting it with a soundtrack and voice-over narrative read by an easily-recognizable actor, along with my own observations, and another episode of Ghost Search International was in the can.

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