Child Of The Dark World POD Print

By Toni V. Sweeney

Two-year-old Robbie Chambers has a problem.

Since he was born, things have appeared to him, creatures no one else can see. They speak in a secret language, and lately what they say is very disturbing, especially the entity calling itself Robbie’s father.

Robbie isn’t aware of the things happening before he was born, how he was conceived to bring imprisoned creatures from another dimension to once more enslave the Earth. He can’t understand the mad and possessive love his father had for his mother, or that Drexl von Dorff’s love still exists in whatever Hell his soul now dwells.

Robbie loves his Mom and his new stepdad but “Daddy” says Dr. Daniel Walker is dangerous. He has to die...Robbie must kill him.

Every little boy wants his father to be proud of him.

Is Mommy going to become a widow for the second time?

Genre: Dark urban fantasy/Lovecraftian Horror

Sensuality rating: 2.5

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print
Author: Toni V. Sweeney

Chapter 1


Run away…run away…

the tires sang as the car sped along.


This time, it wasn’t a white Mustang destined for a fatal crash against a pine tree but a red Nissan skimming the blacktop, the car Dan helped her buy, little knowing he was providing Lisa a means for escape.

Dan, oh Dan…

At home, it’d be six-thirty. He was probably leaving the office, on his way to rounds at Temple General…

Would he do that? Business as usual? Or would he be frantic with worry, trying to find them, confused after discovering the house empty with a For Sale sign in the yard? Perhaps he’d call Aunt Allie in Macon, desperately hoping she and Robbie were there.

The way you’ve hurt that man is unforgiveable. You’ve taken everything from him and given him nothing, and now? It’ll be better if he never finds you. It’d serve you right if he didn’t try.

Lights glittered on the road’s shoulder, brilliant white bordered in blinking eye-blinding orange...Sunset Inn. Below, in smaller insignificant black, Vacancy.

Stop here, or go on? Do I really want to know what’s beyond the sunset? Her yawn stifled a giggle. I’m getting punchy. I need sleep. We’d better stop.

Flipping on the right turn signal, Lisa guided the car into slower traffic and eased it onto the off-ramp lane. At that time of night, there wasn’t much highway interchange, thank goodness, so exiting was relatively easy.

The entrance to the motel was several yards down the access road. She turned the Nissan at the entrance and braked in front of the office. It was small and neat-looking, with a dozen little cottages in a row, twelve separate miniature houses looking like something from a Christmas card, with their faint dusting of snow.

Snow…a novelty for someone from the South. If Lisa had been in another frame of mind, she might’ve enjoyed the view.

Setting the hand brake, turned off the car’s heater and removed the key from the ignition slot. The engine died gratefully as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Okay, kids. This is where we stop for the night.”

Missing the movement of the car and the motor’s hum, Robbie stirred in his car seat. He looked at her sleepily, rubbing his eyes with pudgy fists.

“Mama? Ti’d?”

“That’s right.” Lisa’s heart gave a little jerk as it always did whenever her son spoke. “Mama’s tired, you’re tired, and Timothy’s tired.”

She got out of the car, hugging her coat a little closer as she walked around to the passenger side, thankful she’d decided to pack some winter clothing.

Ohh. Lisa stretched and rubbed her low back. Sitting for such long periods definitely puts kinks in the spine.

Opening the door, she unbuckled the intricate strap system holding Robbie in place.

     “Truthfully, Mama wishes she hadn’t done this,” she muttered, sending a frosty stream wafting into the air.

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