Eat The World ePUB

By Rick McQuiston
In picturesque Mackinac a growing army of rats are beginning to seep into the community of tourists. They seemingly appear out of nowhere, and it is up to ordinary people to gather their courage and battle the hordes.

But there is something more frightening beneath the surface, something that was born from the accumulated depths of Earth's creatures, something that can threaten the entire world.
Genre: Horror

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Simon Nightingale

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Author: Rick McQuiston

Chapter 1

Liz Strober rolled over in bed and looked at the customary digital clock on the nightstand.

7:13 stared back at her in choppy, red-block numbers. A tiny red dot next to the A.M. designation indicated that it was morning.

Liz loved the morning.

She crawled out of bed and inhaled deeply. It was in many ways her favorite part of the day. God had seen fit to let the world live another day. It would then be up to humanity to improve on it.

That was her philosophy anyway.

Liz walked over to the window. She glanced back more than once at the sleeping form of her husband, just to make sure she didn’t disturb him. She enjoyed her quiet time in the morning. It was her time to think, to clear her mind and truly appreciate what the day might hold.

In her three years of marriage to Bryan, this trip was the first real vacation they had taken. They planned it for the better part of two months, scheduling everything from the perfect lodging right down to what the gas mileage on the rental car would be. Granted, it was only about 300 miles from the driveway of their cozy little colonial house in Sterling Downs, but was still far enough away to make it a welcome departure from the everyday demands of their lives.

Bryan was laid off from his job at McTitans and only recently managed to find part-time work. It wasn’t much, but it helped pay some of the bills. He dealt with it as best he could, hoping that each new day would bring opportunities his way. But as every day passed, it became harder and harder for him to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Liz remembered the countless heated discussions they’d had about taking the trip. Bryan was initially against it, arguing that it would strain their finances even more. But Liz wanted to go. She supplemented her argument with loose numbers and facts, such as her paychecks and the small but secure earnings they were making from their two Certificates of Deposit they’d opened when they were first married. Plus, they had a few thousand dollars socked away for a rainy day, so slicing six or seven hundred from their little nest egg wasn’t too painful.

They’d get back on their feet again. She was sure of it.

So here they were, nestled snugly in a small clean room at the Fairfield Inn, overlooking the pristine blue-green waters of Lake Huron.

     Parting the cheap curtains, Liz gazed out at the vast expanse of one of Michigan’s Great Lakes. With a maximum depth of over 750 feet and covering nearly 23,000 square miles, Lake Huron was truly worthy of its status as one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country.

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