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The Marcy Series Book 1

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Author: Linda Burson

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By Linda Burson

Marcy finds herself angry, frustrated, and confused because of nightmares that won’t stop.  The love of her life gives her an ultimatum: seek help or lose him.

When held up at gunpoint during a robbery, Marcy is pushed over the edge. That night, she meets Liam, with whom she agrees to join on his quest to find those responsible for the murder of his family.

Delving further into the dark world of revenge, Marcy and Liam fall in love and instead of darkness, light envelops them.

Hearts are torn, jealousy ensues, and more uncertainty arises.


Genre: Women’s Fiction

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Simon Nightingale


 Chapter 1

Leaving work in a huff has become a regular event. I can feel everyone’s perturbed eyes staring at me through the back of my head as I exit the kitchen door of my bakery, Coffee, Tea & Treats. All my employees are angry with me, but the way I’m feeling, I don’t care. I haven’t been my sweet self for a while. I’m not trying to be difficult, but the nightmares I’ve been having are taking their toll on me.

Pulling out of the parking lot with tires squealing, I turn right to head home. I remember I haven’t been shopping lately, so my bare cabinets and refrigerator won’t provide dinner. Since I skipped lunch because Sal and I were arguing over what next week’s special should be, I’m starving. I make an abrupt U-turn at the next corner heading back to town to grab a salad and pizza to go at a small pizza place, aptly named “Pizza on the Run”.

As I hit the traffic light before my stop, a car revving its engine pulls up to my left. I can sense the driver of the car staring at me and the sound of the engine is getting louder. Turning my head toward the irritating noise, I glare at the driver. He’s a young twenty-something-year-old with a diamond stud in his ear, a large menacing tattoo on his arm, and an ugly patch of hair on his chin. He rolls his window down and shouts to me.

“Hey there, babe, lookin’ fly. I saw that move you made back at the corner—pretty cool. How ’bout I take you for a few spins in my car?”

My eyes narrow as I deliberately turn my head back to the front.

“Hey girl, I’m talkin’ to you. You ignorin’ me?”

I continue staring straight ahead. The light turns green and I speed off. The car to my left is attempting to stay with me, but I ignore it. Reaching the pizza place at the edge of town, I make a brusque turn into their parking lot. The obnoxious young man drives off. Thank goodness he’s gone because I’m afraid I would’ve said something unpleasant.

As I exit the restaurant with my food, I see my engine-revving pest. He’s lazily leaning against his souped-up orange car with the big, fancy rims and rear spoiler. He’s maybe 5’8” compared to my 5’4” frame, but he does have about 75 pounds on me.

“Well, there’s the bitch who thinks she’s too good to talk to me.”

     I calmly open my passenger door and place the hot box of pizza and salad on my car seat. Taking a deep breath, I walk around to the driver’s side of my car, and get in without even looking at the immature idiot trying to get my attention.

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