Caught In A Lie ePUB

By Linda Burson

An unexpected visit to Brad’s apartment by Marcy and Liam brings Brad more trouble than he could’ve ever bargained for when his past returns in the worst way. Marcy decides some revenge is in order, and with Brad and Liam on board, she gets it.

A bachelorette party provides Marcy with an interesting meeting, and New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a perfect, long-awaited wedding. After a wonderful honeymoon, the happy couple returns home, but the bliss is short-lived.

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Sensuality rating: 3

Cover Art by Mallory York

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Author: Linda Burson

Chapter 1


Friday morning it’s difficult to wake because of our celebratory evening, but Liam, Brad, and I know we have to get a move on if we’re going to drop Evan off at Josie’s place and make our appointment with my psychiatrist, Dr. Bengali.

Not only did we have quite a few drinks at dinner after our exciting purchase of the property for our new home, but we stayed up late celebrating in another way that always pleases us. After I teased Brad and Liam at the restaurant about the beautiful woman in the sexy red dress who was dining with the old man, they decided they needed to tease me back about it. They couldn’t believe the story I told them was actually true. They thought I was making it up. I guess I did go a little overboard on my description, but if it did anything to encourage them to ravish me in bed, more power to me.

Brad, Liam, and I drive together to Dr. Bengali’s office since Brad is taking the day off. We decide we need to spend the day discussing our future and how we will deal with explaining our three-way marriage to our children one day, not to mention to other people.

We drop Evan off with Josie who’s excited to be spending the morning with him. She said we didn’t give her enough time with him last Friday when she watched him during our appointment.

We’re barely in the waiting room three minutes when Dr. B exits his office seven minutes early. Brad glances at his watch. He must remember me telling him when Dr. B is interested in knowing what’s new, he seems to donate extra time to me. Dr. B greets us and welcomes Brad back.

“I’m happy we’ll have the extra time today to delve into more and for me to get to know you a little better, Bradley.”

“Please feel free to call me Brad. Last week you said you hadn’t seen Liam more than twice. You must not know him well.”

“Unfortunately, Marcy had some serious memory recall last year. I got to know Liam rather well during this time. She was with us in the hospital. Liam was there every day visiting her. He actually stayed with her the first few days. We couldn’t get him to leave her alone.”

“I see,” Brad acknowledges. “I do remember Marcy mentioning she was hospitalized for a while. I just didn’t put together the time frame.”

“Brad, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure Dr. Bengali.”

“Marcy expressed some concern about your father’s feelings toward her at our last meeting, not the appointment with the three of you last week, but the one before that. Would you say she’s accurate in those concerns, or do you feel she may have been overreacting?”

“Oh no, she’s not overreacting at all. He’s an asshole. I haven’t spoken to him in months.”

     “I see. Would you like to share the reason why you haven’t spoken to him or is this a private matter that we should discuss some other time?”

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