In This Kingdom By The Sea PDF

By Icy Snow Blackstone

Arcanis was a world set in its ways, until nine-year-old Darien-Marcus san Gene became margrave. Raised by the advising council made up of his father’s best, he’s given a mistress at age twelve, a wife when he’s thirteen, and develops a tremendous desire to rebel all on his own. When His Majesty reaches nineteen, the orphaned prince declares his independence... and there’s nothing those stuffy, old-fashioned advisors can do about it.

With the aid of his wife, his best friend, and his younger brother, Darien begins the not-so-subtle and sometimes shocking changes to his world. Against the background of the love story of a teenage groom and his child bride and their growth into passionate adults, there’s also the tale of a society in transition because its ruler considers it both constricting and out of dated…and he’s having a great time doing it!

Futuristic Romance

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Front Cover of In This Kingdom By The Sea by Icy Snow Blackstone
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Chapter 1


Carefully, the young boy knocked on the ironwood paneling. When a call to enter came from inside, he opened the door but instead of going in, simply stood there.

“You wished to see me, Uncle?” It was asked as if half-hopeful he’d misunderstood the message the page brought him.

For a moment, the man seated at the desk stared at him, not answering. Instead, he considered what a handsome child the boy was. Tall for his age, with wheat-colored ringlets and fair skin, golden-eyed, like most of his family, a child he was proud to have a part in rearing. “Yes, Your Majesty. Come in. I’d like to speak with you.”

Darien-Marcus san Gene, Lord Lindenscraig, most noble Crown Prince of Arcanis, hesitated, then came into the room, closing the door behind him.

“If it’s about Aunt Alyce’s cat,” he began. “I didn’t know the animal couldn’t swim, but I jumped into the pond and pulled it out. Took it to my room and dried it with the blower in my sonic shower. And I called in the Royal Veterinarian. He said it’s fine.” He paused a moment, then added, “Aunt Alyce says she isn’t angry.”

“And neither am I,” Tyron Opaxa assured him. “Though I do hope you’ll show more foresight in the future and research whether an animal can instinctively swim or not before again doing such a thing.” As the boy nodded earnestly, he went on, “It isn’t about my wife’s cat, Darien.”

“Then what is it? I haven’t done anything else naughty lately.” He paused, thought, then said, “Not that I can remember, anyway.”

That brought a smiling shake of Lord Summerlee’s equally blond head. “I’ve someone I want you to meet. A young lady.”

“Are we going to the Pleasure Dome, then?”

The boy’s reply was so unexpected Opaxa stared at him. Then he was swept back a year to another time he’d spoken that same sentence to his young prince.

~ * ~

At the ages of nine and six, Darien-Marcus and his younger brother, Daneel, were orphaned when their father and mother were killed in a freak hunting accident. While the planet mourned, there was a frantic meeting of His Late Majesty’s advisors over what to do with the children.


Since their parents had the misfortune to have no siblings, it was expected one of their great-aunts or uncles would become their guardians, and therefore Regent of Arcanis until Darien-Marcus achieved his majority. However, those nobles were too lazy to consider taking in more children. Thus, the two princes became wards of the Tripod, the three men chosen as advisors to the Margrave.

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