Murder In Red Rock Canyon PDF

By Sherry Derr-Wille

Two days after being hired by the Clark County Sheriff’s Department Rhonda Pohs finds herself smack dab in the middle of a murder committed in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. Her investigation leads her to other murders in Nevada to say nothing of other states including her home state of Wisconsin.
To solve this mystery, Rhonda must dig deep into the history of the ancient Native Americans who left behind the petroglyphs and rock paintings that seem to draw this killer like a magnet.

With the help of her new partner Jenny Sims and her old partner Phil Mason, Rhonda is finally able to bring a mass murderer to justice.

Contemporary Murder Mystery

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen

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Chapter 1

    Rhonda Pohs glanced in the side mirror of her vehicle as they crossed the state line between Wisconsin and Illinois on I-90. She and her husband, Mark, were on their way to Las Vegas. In two weeks he would be starting a new job. She knew this was what he wanted but what about her? She was coming here with nothing lined up. What if she couldn’t get a job?

Behind her was the lifetime she’d spent in Wisconsin along with her career as a homicide detective with the Rock County Sheriff’s Department. She thought back over the past four years. After graduating from the Police Academy at Blackhawk Technical College, she’d been hired as the token woman with the Milton Police Department. At the time, she was thrilled to be doing police work. It didn’t take long to realize she wouldn’t get the chance to do more than run the speed trap on the highway and do death notifications. Thinking back, if it hadn’t been for having to make a death notification, she would have never become involved in a high profile murder investigation.

With her first case solved, she hired on with the county. During her time there, she’d worked with some of the best detectives in the department and felt she learned more with each case they solved. She knew they’d all had reservations about working with a woman, but in her time with the sheriff’s office, she’d gained a lot of respect.

Now all of that was behind her and her future loomed ahead. While Mark’s job promised full time hours and probably some overtime as a basketball and baseball coach at an exclusive private high school, she faced the uncertainty of unemployment.

“A penny for your thoughts,” Mark said.

“Just thinking about the past and contemplating the future. What if I don’t get a job in law enforcement in Nevada?”

“I’m sure that’s not going to be a problem. Of course, didn’t you say you would like to try dealing Black Jack at one of the casinos?”

For the first time since pulling out of town that morning, she started to laugh. “Oh, sure, I’m such a big gambler. I never even went when you and your friends took off on your little trips to Ho Chunk at the Dells. I have a little knowledge of the game, but don’t think I’d be good enough to work in one of the casinos. Maybe I could get a job at a convenience store. If anyone tried to rob me, I’d be able to make a citizen’s arrest.”

Once they cleared Rockford on I-90 they turned onto I-39 and headed toward St. Louis. Rhonda watched the scenery and gasped when a wind farm loomed on their right. The large towers with spinning arms to generate electricity from the wind were overwhelming. Over the years she’d read about wind farms, but had never seen one.



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