Harmonic Differential MobiPocket

By Kenneth Gordon

“I may have made many trips to the future, to the past and points all over the galaxy, but I cannot remember any of them…”

This is how the journey of Andros, an astrophysicist professor at Berkley, CA begins. He is driven mad by dreams of whirling lights he cannot explain. These dreams lead him to build a ship capable of travel to the future, the past and alternate universes. The only problem is, once he returns, he cannot remember the journey. To overcome this, he uses a video camera attached to his head to record his adventures.

Andros awakes thinking it all was a dream, until a mysterious package arrives in the mail.

Science Fiction

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

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Author: Kenneth Gordon


Chapter 1

Welcome To My World

I have made many trips to the future, the past and points all over the galaxy, but I cannot remember any of them…

It’s not unlike awaking with a hangover, after a night of revelry, and having no idea but a vague recollection that something occurred. Yet if you were to know the truth of the event, it might cause you to look down on yourself and think you’re far below your true potential. That painful truth is less on your mind than on your stomach and head…possibly the floor. It would be better not to have done the deed, but in my case, I had little choice.

It’s entirely possible I have witnessed the largest changes, the biggest breakthroughs, perhaps even been a part of them. I might have even altered the timeline, but not only can I not remember, but no one else would, either. So here I am, continuing to ponder my situation. By the way, my name is Andros. I am a college professor of astrophysics at Berkley, CA. My wife is named Judy, and we have one son, Jeremy.

What, no last name? I do not know what you may be thinking about that, but there is a clear reason why I never use my last name. I despise it. It is just so pedestrian that I simply want everyone to call me Andros.

~ * ~

“Andros, Andros!” shouted Tim as he came running down the pavement from the center of campus. He sputtered and gasped, out of breath. “I…I…”

“Take it easy…”

Tim was a friend, a colleague really, who taught English on campus. With his brown eyes, sanguine personality, and over-slung belly, he clearly had a taste for the overindulgent. It was evident from the pattern of vertical stripes on his button-down shirt and horizontal stripes on his corresponding tie, and brown pants, that he had no fashion sense what-so-ever.

“Okay. I just wanted to tell you… I won’t be able to make the game tonight. I’ve got a date with Miss Larklee and…” he coughed. “We’ve got other plans.”

This was typical of Tim. He fancied himself a lady’s man, but in reality, most of his dates ended up leaving before dessert. He has a good heart, and one day some woman will recognize his good qualities and overlook his physical shortcomings.

A freak storm threatened to send rain on us. There was a flash of lightning…

“Andros, Andros—Are you okay?”


“You were just standing there, frozen for a second.”

“I was?” I shrugged, unaware of what just happened.

“If you are okay, then I have to go.”

“Okay. See you later.”

I turned to walk away and checked my watch. It was time for my next class. I hastily dashed for the building a scant four blocks away and made it in just before the bell.



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