Reunion For A Murder PDF

By Sherry Derr-Wille

When Rhonda is called to investigate the murder of Pete Potter, she finds she has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Classmates either Love – Hate – Or Don’t Give a Damn about good old Pete.

To confuse things further Rhonda uncovers not only Pete’s secret life in Madison, but also the business practices that are anything above board, leaving disgruntled clients, family and friends.

When bodies start to pile up, Rhonda realizes she doesn’t have just a random murder on her hands. She’s dealing with a murderer with a vendetta and all the markings of a serial killer.


Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen


Cover of Reunion For A Murder by Sherry Derr-Wille
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Chapter 1

Rock County Homicide Detective Rhonda Pohs and her former partner, Phil Mason, were enjoying a rare evening off. Shortly after their last case was solved, Phil took a promotion with a different police department. Starting with the new school year, he would be the liaison officer at one of the large schools in Madison. It was a great step up for him with better hours and more pay. The problem was, it left Rhonda with a new partner.

Tonight Rhonda and her husband Mark were hosting an impromptu picnic supper for the two couples. While Mark worked the grill, Rhonda enjoyed an iced tea while also enjoying the summer evening on the deck of the Pohs’ home.

“So, how is it going with the new guy?” Phil asked, as they prepared to attack the steaks Rhonda’s husband, Mark, just put on the grill.

“About as good as you had it when I joined the detective squad. His name is Martin Alexander. Nice enough guy. He’s been a cop longer than I have, but as a beat cop.”

Phil rolled his eyes. “Well, you’ve been through three high profile cases. I bet it bothers him to have a woman supervisor, even one as experienced as you are.”

“Yeah, my transition nearly did me in, so I should know.”

Phil’s wife, Judy, laughed at Rhonda’s statement. “It seems to me, I heard Phil say these same things when you joined the squad. You’ll see, I think everything will work out fine once the two of you get used to working together.”

“Okay,” Mark said. “Let’s change the subject. No more shop talk. Since you’ve now got a cushy Monday thru Friday job, what are your plans for this weekend, Phil?”

Phil got up from his chair and made his way to where Mark was grilling the steaks

“You’re not going to believe this. It’s my class reunion. Only it’s not like anything we’ve ever done before.”

“You bet it’s not like anything you’ve ever done before,” Phil’s wife Judy said. “Honestly, guys, this is the first one of his reunions I’ve been able to drag Phil to. He keeps saying there’s no one there he wants to see, but this is the twenty-fifth reunion. These guys are all getting older, it’s hard telling how much longer any of them will be around.”

“Yeah,” Phil said, winking at his wife, “like we’re so much older than you are. As I recall you were in the class behind us.”

“So,” Rhonda said, once she stopped laughing, “why a whole weekend for a reunion? Usually those things are a one night kind of thing.”

 “One of the guys from our class, Jackson Hayes, has a farm west of Clinton and we’re going out there for a three-day bash. On Friday night we’re having a fish fry. Jackson is supplying the fish and the rest of us are bringing everything else. Saturday night, we’re having a catered dinner in his new pole barn, and on Sunday we’re having a brunch, also catered.”

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