Cassandra Barnes

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Writing is a creative outlet for me, and I find inspiration everywhere. Although words sometimes flow for me, I usually have to rewrite everything several times before it all comes together to my satisfaction. I alternate between handwritten pages and filling a blank PC screen. My perfectionist ways frequently lead to writer’s block! When that happens, all I can do is take a break. Once the pressure is off, the words I need eventually appear.

I was a Certified Public Accountant in my first career. As a volunteer, I've been a literacy tutor, mentored other writers, and raised money for animal welfare. Other than books, a few of my favorite things are animals, flowers, food, music, metaphysics, and science.

I grew up in a rural Washington town in the fifties. In the 70s, I lived a year in Teheran, and later visited Rome, Athens, Alexandria, and Beijing. Since then I’ve lived on the Oregon coast, in the Arizona deserts, and now make my home on a mountain top in California. I’ve been happy and sad, employed and unemployed, healthy and unwell, married and unmarried, creative and dull. Best of all, I have loved and been loved by good guys and bad boys, and that’s what keeps my world turning.

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