Bad Romance POD Print

By Diane Vierck

Lost one; such a terrible title, yet Weena, a member of the Clan of Wind, is cursed with it. She has to live the rest of her life without a mate.

Stryker is the future chief of the Clan of Rain. He is a fighter; handsome and strong and wanted by all the females of his clan. His downfall is that he is stubborn and hates change--and the fact that he is his clan’s best warrior is the only thing that matters to him.

Weena and Stryker, members of two different clans, come together--each carrying a strong hatred for the other yet unable to deny the attraction they feel. Can they ever become something more than two people from different clans or is this just a bad romance…?

Young Adult Romance

Sensuality rating: 1

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Cover of Bad Romance by Diane Vierck
Author: Diane Vierck

Chapter 1 

The Clan of Wind went about another carefree day, doing their daily work. They were comfortably living on a large stretch of land they’d put claims to almost a year ago. The clan felt lucky to have found such a nice location and to have lived there for such a length of time, which included use of a fast flowing river and a small grove of trees.

So far the Clan of Wind only needed to fight off smaller, weaker clans for their dwelling place. They had a powerful group of fighters with many skills and so they were able to keep their land for a long time without losing it to another clan. They were also able to build themselves sturdy huts and even a nice chicken coop for their most prized livestock, chickens.

A group of hunters found the chickens one day as they set out for their kill. They were amazed these somewhat wild birds were unable to fly very far, making them easy to catch. The hunters brought them home with the idea these birds would provide them with not only meat but also fresh eggs every day. This was looked upon by the chief as a great addition to the clan. Since then the chickens had multiplied and provided constant food for the people.

The coop was built high up off the ground, high enough for a clan member to walk under. They made ramps leading up to the coop where the chickens spent the nights in protected shelter. This kept them safe from predators, although many of them wandered throughout the clan village anyway.

Weena lay on her tanned deerskin blanket, soaking up the sun of the morning. Her friend, Hania, lay next to her. The two hung out together as best friends did. Weena, a girl becoming an adult soon at age fifteen, lazily threw pebbles at her future mate who stood guard, perched up on top of the boundary wall made of rocks only a few feet away.

“Weena, that isn’t very nice,” Hania said sternly, lifting herself up to scold her friend. “Roghan and you will soon become bonded. The celebration is only a few days away and you shouldn’t treat him like that.”

Weena rolled her eyes, knowing Hania was right but still didn’t see any harm in a little teasing.

“Oh Hania, it’s not like I’m hurting him. I’m just trying to have some fun. He is way too serious all the time,” Weena replied.

Weena was always pulling pranks and goofing off, it was the way she grew up. But she was the best fighter out of all the older females in the clan and even most of the males. She took her fighting training very seriously. She earned much praise for best fighter, best hunter, best stamina and much more. She even invented her own weapon, which she kept by her side all the time. 

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